What makes you salty?

Just had to make this thread after what happened to me today.
So me and my friends are playing a few rounds before I go out to work in a lobby.
Well some random dude joins and i’ve been trying out a new team (Iron Fist, Frank, Tron)
And I thought maybe because the guys a 6th lord he’ll not go evo pro… well of course he comes out with Smash-Coat (My team name for Vergil, Hulk , Wesker). i get smashed and he t-bags and leaves. everyone in the party lets me get first in line to play him again and he leaves.:wtf:

Been salty since, and I wanna hear some salty stories. lol.

p.s. this smiley is bad ass:wtf:

XF3 comebacks


Just about everything in this game, to be honest. I really don’t know why I can’t stop playing it.

Some specific things though:
The fact that ground series>launch>air series>otg>super does so much fucking damage
Stupid hitboxes (although I abuse the fuck out them too, but it’s OK when I do it)
Getting hit by something completely random and unsafe, and ending up losing because of that one 'mistake’
The input leniency in this game (shit is mad retarded, screws me over way more often than it helps me)
Being unable to play my own music during the game, although that seems to be a common problem for PS3 games.

I can think of more but I’m starting to get pissed again so I’ll stop lol

dropped combos

You must hate Nova.

Fuck you Hawkeye

I actually really like Nova, he’s now one of my favorite Marvel characters (not that that means much of anything, since the majority of my Marvel knowledge comes from the VS series.) But I also haven’t faced many Novas, at least none worth remembering, so that is subject to change.

Another thing that makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time is seeing online Dante #5000 doing an air combo that goes j.M j.M j.H gunsgunsgunsgunsgunsguns. Especially after a double air exchange.

Maybe I’m just taking online too seriously, but I’m really starting to hate various online tactics. TAC’s to death (knowing they’re almost impossible to predict online), people abusing the hell out of things that are hard to punish (Ghost Rider’s jumping S comes to mind), stuff like that. But maybe it’s because I don’t just play online to farm wins, I’m actually trying to get better at the game, and have no respect for anyone who just wants wins. I am just not able to do much offline play with other people.

Marvel in general makes me salty lol. I hate being trapped in a never ending combo. It’s like whoever gets the first hit wins. It’s bull shit, but whatever lol. That’s why when I look at Combofiend play this mess, it’s the same cheap crap over and over again. I don’t find him impressive, at least not at Marvel, because it’s rinse and repeat. “Oh you can’t block it? Too bad. I’ma do it 40 more times” doesn’t equate to skill in my book. He’s just good at being cheap lol. But, again, I realize that’s how Marvel is supposed to be played. A bunch of random ass bull shit. Yeah, um, not for me lol.

But in the broad scope of fighting games, losing by a pixel seems to be the easiest way to get me to scream unsanitary words at my screen.

I also hate when ppl beat me by said pixel and have the nerve to send me a msg saying I suck like I just got bodied.

Taunting after a match, especially if the fight was a close one. Online, it’s just too easy to confuse a good person who likes to celebrate with an asshole who wants to screw everyone he meets but is too scrawny to do it outside of a computer game.

I play online for both reasons. I want wins and I want to get better. Getting better makes more wins. They’re one in the same. But I know some blokes just use one broken strategy and do it all the time just to rank up the easiest way possible versus learning match ups and situationals – which would put a ton of loses on your name, but in the long run will improve your game.

I just can’t play Marvel online, dude. Besides the game being nearly broken, the people I ran into in vanilla are completely ruthless with their cheapness. I never had a chance to figure out what my problems were because the match was over so fast all the time lol. I’d play UMVC3 offline more than anything, just to learn from people there next to you versus being continuously raped and left confused online.

I don’t get salty when I lose, no matter how badly. What pisses me off is the trollish win quotes from the Marvel characters. Taskmaster’s especially make me want to punch a fucking hole through the roof sometimes.

Seeing a mix-up coming miles away but still getting hit by it because it takes to long for the game to register what I’m trying to do online.
That and Firebrand. I can’t fight that flying, fire-breathing fucker.

TACs are pretty damn silly online or not and the fact some idiot at Capcom decided guessing wrong one way costs you a meter makes it even more stupid.

I just get annoyed with “Online Teams” where people are doing things that I KNOW I can easily punish offline…ugh!

Actually, scratch my last post. THIS is what gets me.

Fuck you Frank Tieri.

losing the whole game when dropping 1 combo.

Number one is taunting. If its a player match or lobby, taunt away. When my rank is on the line, and YOU, Mr. Scrub, just random Ace Attorney’d me two frames after I press a button, leave quietly. You know that should’ve never worked, so accept the ranking points gratefully and don’t be dumb about it.

Number two is the teams that usually involve Wesker and a lockdown assist like Hidden Missiles or Drones. Apparently now that they can’t herp derp their way in with Wolvie, they just call the assist, teleport around a ton and do whatever the derp they want, and if it doesn’t give them a hit? RUUUUUUUUUN TO THE OPPOSITE CORNER! Run away long enough to call the assist again, rinse and repeat. It’s less annoying against Sentinel, but I can’t do a thing against Doom Missiles. This makes me salt up like the Dead Sea.

And number three is the teams that get one lucky hit from something (again) that should’ve never worked, and they spend the rest of the match running away. I don’t think anything makes me rage harder. When this happens, I seriously just stop playing. I didn’t sign up for “Tag,” but for MAHVEL. Now give me my Mahvel.

Taunting, teabagging, scrubs that use TACs as BnBs, people that constantly press buttons, Dooms that don’t even know how to move with him, and xf3 Wesker.

oh and Trish

fuck trish