What method for Zangief is best against Hadouken spammers?

Since I’m really pissed about every one picking Ryu and Kent, and they spam fireballs and Gief is huge, I get overpowered by them.

Green Hand and Lariat seem like opprotunities, but is there any other ways to defeat the fireball?

Block the majority of them and inch forward in between fireballs, ready to block again. You’ll eat some chip and it can seem like it takes an eternity to get them to the corner, but once you close the space you can start to mount an offense. It’s all about patience and avoiding taking non-chip damage.

Don’t lariat fireballs unless you’re full screen or you’ll get swept, only use EX green hand to go through fireballs when you’re close enough for it to hit the other player. Once you do get close and they keep throwing fireballs you can jump over and punish or focus absorb and dash up LP SPD.

and make sure to use some fireballs to fill your ultra bar…just do Focus, absorve the fireball than backdash

And when Kent does the Uppercut?

Block and atomic suplex.


I usually block than strong spd but suplex does put you in a better position for a mixup.

Yeah SPD if the extra damage will get the KO, otherwise suplex for staying in on their wakeup.

Also, play patiently. Don’t rush it. Walk forward, block, kkk lariat through fireballs or focus them. When in range, ex.gh through the fireballs.
Most people at lower levels walk back, throw fireballs, and when you jump they do an anti-air. Good tactic if the Gief player is impatient and lacks reaction, matchup knowledge and execution.
Try not to be predictable with your ways around fireballs, train him to think you’re just going to walk forward and block, and when he thinks you won’t jump, jump.
Walking them in the corner is pretty much the only chance you have against Guile and DeeJay.

And if you managed to walk them into the corner, and they just neutral jump all day:
j.mp beats most stuff, far j.hk too. And if you have ultra 2… well, you get the point.

Best against Hadouken:

  • Reaction EXGH (+ RFC AS)

Best against Hadouken Spammers:

  • Forward Jump, Reaction HP Superman into LPGH

L1 FA back dash: FA charge and release on hadouken contact

I havent tried yet but i’ve seen sanke eyez use lp+mp+hp to not get hit by projectiles. I’ll try it