What method to print & apply hi-res art to a painted control panel surface? No plexi!

dear custom stick builders,

My panel is a smooth enamel painted surface that I want to apply my hi-res bitmap art to. I don’t want to use lexan/plexi on top as I can’t rout it out. I’ve looked all over and asked advice from the Kinko’s here in the U.K. but found no solutions.

Possible routes I could investigate:

A) Print my art on to a laminate/vinyl sticker. I’ve often heard mention of ‘lami-label’ here, but no idea how hard wearing it is or if the edges would peel with use.

B) Use some kind of full colour non-heat transfer to apply the art, then varnish the panel so It’s nice and smooth. A modelling shop suggested this option, but couldn’t give me the name of the transfer product.

C) Fly IKENO to London and pay him to hand-paint my stick with Cammy’s round arse.

D) ?

Please help, especially any U.K. stick builders for tracking down products

I know you say that you can’t or don’t want to use a clear plastic sheet over the top of your artwork, but I have found this to be the best option for my stick.

This company, Plastic Online(http://www.plasticonline.co.uk/index.php?act=viewCat&catId=12), are really good and reasonably priced when it comes to sheet acrylic. Their 2 and 3 mm sheets are perfect for sanwa buttons when you have holesaw’d the holes. I recently bought 2 A4 clear sheets from them for my new stick and asked them to cut them down to 279mmx200mm to fit my box properly, which they did for free.


Thanks for the idea, but I don’t want to have to use plexi as it’ll add to the thickness of the panel, it will need to be screwed down and the edges will have to be bevelled. Just too much work and inexperience there.

These guys seem like a good idea. Anyone have any experience with MAMEmarquees and their final product? They’re been around a while, but do they do any business?!

I too am anti-plexi and Mame Marquees will be the way I go for my next stick. Most of their business is from vintage arcade machine restorers and enthusiasts (i.e. BYOAC).

A forum members’s…



Thanks NotANoob, very helpful post.
The art looks pretty sweet and I imagine it’s hard as nails. I’m sold. Time to email Scott@mamemarquees.

F’in awesome! So glad I went with them. Scott is really responsive and helpful.

Edit: Did you go with the adhesive or did you spray it on yourself?

Edit 2: Wait… that’s not your stick?