What methods are there to landing his ultra



apart from FADC some guy jumped up and did ex hado then when i blocked them he cought me with the ultra

what others are there


Hyakki Moki -> c.HK -> FADC, Ultra


There are already a few threads discussing the Raging Demon. You got “Matchup-specific guaranteed demons” and “SF Mechanics and the Raging Demon”.

Really though, in generall, you should save your RD to punish a blocked or whiffed special/super/ultra. You can sometimes catch jumping oponnents with it if you set them up to jump over your fireball, but 95% of the time, they can just mash the buttons while they’re frozen in the air as you start your super/ultra and kick/punch you out of it.

You can also anticipate a sweep or FA and punish it with the ultra/super.


if someone does that again to you… hold up, you’ll be amazed


word. :rofl:


FADC and reversal ultras after certain moves are the best ways. there are a few youtube videos out there about the reversal ones that cannot be avoided, i’ll see if i can dig them up



FADC, u surrious?


I’m pretty sure he means land a crumpling FA, DC that, and ultra


This would make more sense.


If you time it properly, you cannot be hit out of it. Only a select few chars can use delaying air moves (like ex air tatsu) after the flash to avoid the ultra. And even those characters had to have done an empty jump to have that option.

The OP topic is a bit over discussed, but there is another similar topic which should get some discussion. I brought this up way back in february, but I think too few people were actually able to play sf4 at the time to have a good discussion. That is the question of should I use an ultra? It’s tempting to do the ultra whenever it’s guaranteed. But strategically speaking, it’s not always a good idea. A few things you have to consider:

  • How much of your revenge bar is filled?
  • What else can you get?
  • How well does your opponent make use of super meter?
  • What other uses does your ultra have in this matchup?

If you’ve just barely got over half a revenge bar, the ultra is not going to do much more damage than a standard BnB punishment. In these cases, if you are punishing something that “gives you anything”, like a whiffed srk, then unless the extra damage would seal the round you are better off saving the ultra and just taking a free BnB. Having the threat of that bar will limit your opponent’s options, and that threat will continue to grow as the round progresses.

Similarly, different Ultras are “worth” different amounts. Let’s say you have a full revenge bar. What is landing an ultra off of your opponent’s punishable move worth? ~550? No, it’s not worth it’s full damage, because you could have BnB for ~350. So the worth is equal to what it does minus what you could have gotten without an ultra, thus the worth is a little over 200. Compare this to landing an ultra off of him FAing your sweep. What’s that worth? Well if you didn’t ultra him, not only would you not get to combo, but he’d get to combo you. That ultra is worth 800+. So different ultras are worth different amounts, be aware of this.

Another part of the calculation is who your opponent is. Your ultra gives your opponent 2 stocks of super for free. That’s 2 EX moves, some chars make better use of this than others, know your matchups. This also means if you can end the round using a different combo, you should definitely not use the ultra, there’s no point in giving him free meter for the next round. Conversely, if his super is already full, then it becomes more worthwhile to use the ultra, because he’s not getting the benefit anymore.

Finally, you have to ask what else your ultra is doing for you in this matchup. Let’s say your vs’ing Blanka and have an ultra. You FA his slide. Do you ultra? I’d say unless it’ll kill him, no. Why waste your ultra? You can do a normal combo. Your ultra is serving a very valuable purpose in this matchup: making his blanka ball punishable. If you give up that threat just to get an extra ~100 pts of damage in your FA, suddenly the nature of the matchup changes dramatically in his favor.

In closing, let me say that an ultra does not have to be used to benefit you. Your ultra does a lot for you just by being there. For example, it FA-proofs your sweep. Knowing this, your opponent will not try to FA your sweeps. And knowing that, you will be more willing to use your sweeps. As a result, maybe you’ll land a sweep you wouldn’t have if it weren’t for your ultra. And then that sweep will set up a wakeup crossup tatsu game which will net you a few hundred more damage. All that is because you had ultra, and you didn’t even have to use it.


YES. I carelessly give meter to people when I demon them mid round, only to lose the match because I get mad pressured afterward.

Blanka matchup, the demon is specifically for reversals, I almost never demon when I have a free combo because of this.


one possible benefit to landing a demon early is that it makes people really mad.

Even with all the technical advantages it may give the opponent, sometimes the psynchological blow of getting hit by a demon can help out enough to compensate.


The best way I do it is to land a FA, then dash out, and perform it.


^^Severely weakens it though^^

Of course when Akuma has ultra it does restrict your opponents but not as much as say, Seths ultra does. As much as i like it if i can’t do a B&B from the opening i have to use it, then i’ll use it. (Say, if they are doing Rekka-Ken with Fei or soemthing, or Blanka Ball) if i can get B&B I’d prefer the psychological factor. Also if you can go without the match using it it’s ideal because it really replenishes there EX metre.

lol the days when i’d end the fight with Ultra when my opp would have died from a jab are over :stuck_out_tongue:


Check Ne0Russell out on YouTube. He’s got 2 vids: Ragind Demon Madness!! Part 1 & II. Watching those vids will inspire you to perfect the execution of the Super & Ultra. It was an overnight help for me because I already had good insput speed. But now, it’s so fast that guys at the arcade are amazed because, 1st of all, they don’t see many Akuma users. 2nd, they never fathomed that his SGS could be executed with such precision, timing and speed. It’s not that I’m so great, because I had to learn from someone. But, by watching these vids, you will understand what the Shun Goku Satu is all about. If I can do it, anybody can. Check it out and hit me up later!


Or you can alternatively watch my much, much better [media=youtube]_VcsEtt7Q9s&fmt=22"[/media], that actually – you know, show you how to do them.


Basement demon - scrubby setup that for some ridiculous reason works. Jump on the opponent with a whiffed attack, usually a whiffed crossup attempt and land with demon. A majority of the time your opponent is attempting throw or jab.

There is also the anti focus demon, a little more refined and less scrubtacular than the basement demon. With this demon you attck into your opponents focus with a normal and cancel into demon. You can see examples of both throughout various matches on my youtube account.



Is that what it’s called? I just called it the J.R. Rodriguez. I definitely DON’T advise a jumping jab demon. Ever. The second example is perfectly acceptable and not scrubby at all.


Yeh lately ive been whiffing a cross up with jumping hk into ultra, the hk doesnt connect but looks like it will since it passes through his hitbox or whatever, works well.