What model of Samsung monitor were they using at the CES 2011 MVC3 event?


^ As can be seen there.

… and a few more questions:

  • Where can I find it? Newegg?

  • Are there any other monitors you would suggest instead (preferably no more than $400 U.S.)?

That says sharp doesn’t it? :expressionless: It’s a TV anyway by the looks of it.

Oh, lol, it is, huh. Too tired…

So, it’s a TV?

Hm, well, I’m just looking for something with low lag. If those were good enough to be used at a respectable (?) event, then they must be pretty legit.

Go check out the HDTV thread in tech talk and you’ll see plenty of good reccomendations for Tv/monitors specific to fighting games.

Oh, alright. Thank you.