What monitor was used at EVO 2011?

Hey guys, how’s everyone doing?

I’d like to know what monitor was used at EVO this year. I’m lookin’ to upgrade my pad and stuff. And a TV is a much needed upgrade. I love the tube TVs, but they take up way too much room.

So I guess… this thread is about what TV I should buy, rather than what EVO used.

ASUS VH236H is the Evo monitor.

Ah, thank you! LED or LCD?

So they didn’t update it from last year?

TN panel with CCFL backlight (not LED). It’s the same monitor from Evo 2009, 2010, and 2011. Alienware was a sponsor last year and provided some OptX AW2210 monitors for 2010.

It’ll likely be the same monitor next year, unless there’s another sponsor with special monitors or something.

Who wants to see a null-lag Mad Catz monitor for Evo?

Official Madcatz HD CRT monitor :smiley:
On Topic: I’ve ordered a Samsung PX2370 just waiting for delivery. LED, 1080p, 23". Apparently it has minimal pixel response time and input lag. I’ll share my thoughts on it soon.

Would be pretty cool although lag doesn’t really affect me much on the monitors with minimal lag since I’m pretty bad at fighting games. (Unless I happen to be really sensitive to lag and the slightest amount screws me up)

So… I should get this?


Yep, that is the one. Good price too. Usually that is the after-rebate price.

Sweet! Is the only thing I should worry about is response time? So I want 2ms?

So… I could upgrade to this; http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824236049 ?

Nope, response time is how long it takes a pixel to change on an LCD panel. What we worry more about is input lag, which is how long it takes the image to get from your console/PC/whatever to being displayed on screen. Manufacturers always advertise response time but almost never advertise input lag.

Ah… so I should be safe and purchase what EVO’s been using for three years, huh? Darn… was looking at that other monitor for keeps too.

I’ve got an issue. I am looking to get a new monitor soon, but i absolutely can’t do 16:9. i need 16:10 to replace what i have.

does anyone know of an input lag-free monitor that is in the realm of the VH236H but is 16:10 instead?

No HDMI though.

thanks for that. resolution is too small though. i’m looking for 1920x1200, and hdmi is a must me thinks.

Most of the lag testing relevant to the interests of SRK users has only been done at 16:9, as that is standard output for consoles. You’re better off checking out a FPS gaming related site for that kind of info.

I’m a bit surprised at that. Considering that 16:10 (1920x1200) monitors have the ability to display 16:9 (1920x1080) content, one would think that someone here has bought and tested a monitor capable of doing both.

i think we should have a monitor matrix/wiki, showing the various TVs and monitors that have been tested and are recommended by SRK users. That 80+ page topic is simply ridiculous in size at this point, and though there is good info in it, that info is buried several levels down.

Do it!

People should really bookmark TFT Central they do proper lag testing vs CRT and test all the new monitors.

LG IPS231P - IPS Panel + LED (backlighting) with great viewing angles and super crisp colour depth that blows the TN panels on the market away. Input Lag: 6.9ms average

BenQ XL2410T - TN Panel + LED (backlighting) 120Hz panel. **Input Lag: 5.6ms average (The new king of lowest input lag and was used at Shadowloo Showdown 2K11)

Asus MS246H - TN Panel + LED (backlighting). Input Lag: 6.9ms average

Dell U2410 - H-IPS Panel great viewing angles and some of the best colour reproduction on the market. Input Lag: 14.4ms average


I noticed that Godsgarden 4 were using LG’s, i’m not really sure.

Ugh… buying a new monitor is stressful than I thought…