What monitors do they use in viewlix cabs?

Am about to start building my own version of a viewlix cab and am sourcing out components. I want a nice high performance monitor that has 0 lag, and am curious what they used in the original viewlix cabs. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Not too sure what specific panel is in the taito viewlix - but definitely reference www.displaylag.com - they do all the tests for you and rate TVs / Monitors based on input lag. FYI: Zero lag might be impossible with a LCD / LED unless your planning on cramming in a HD CRT TV. Ive seen 1ms gaming displays out there but there are usually in the 23" - 27" size range. I believe the viewlix LCD panel is 32". I use the standard 23" ASUS VH236H aka “Evo” monitor in my cabs… hope this helps.

The only LCD I’ve found that actually has 0 lag would be the Ilayama Prolite series. They’re the comp standard in Europe for their high performance. Unfortunately, these monitors can only be found in Europe or Asia, so you’d have to import it. Total cost is not going to be cheap.

for reference:

Vewlix-F: Sanwa T32H075 (KA) (up to 1080p)
Vewlix-L: TWG co. TLK-320Y (720p max)

Vewlix Diamon is ‘based’ on Vewlix-L, it might have the same specs. but don’t quote me on that.

Thank you! Can’t seem to find any for sale on the interwebs so I’m gonna have to explore other options!

which is why this one has 12ms of lag?

Supposively the 2210hds has no lag, but I’ve seen no reviews to verify that. Nor the settings required to get that low.

I was referring to the 2210hds. It’s been tested to have no input delay by several more technologically-inclinded members of the socal scene.

So I’ve heard, but where are these tests? Did they only test 1080p? Or also 720p? Or an input of 640x480 at 60fps? I would love to believe you, but where is the proof? Which inputs did they test? hdmi? dvi? vga? Did they use the semi flawed timer test? Use an oscilloscope? That new handheld lag tester? What were they comparing it to? A CRT? An LCD that was also considered “lagless”?

If the TS is planning on making a vewlix or buying one then a little 22in screen isn’t going to cut it anyway. Unless he wants 10inches of space on the sides since the vewlix standard is a 32in screen.

No I’m not using a 22" computer monitor for my cab… I have been scowering the internet to find the best panels out there. I have seen a lot that look like they would work but there is no real good test data out there for a lot of the professional monitors like this one or this one. The lag databases are even missing a lot of the standard 2013 TV’s.

Of course its missing 2013 TV info, its 2013 and the database heavily relies on user input and participation. No one here has the resources to test each any every monitor and TV. And groups like consumer reports focus on home entertainment needs (TV and Movie watching) over gaming.
Its why at the beginning of the HDTV thread they specifically requested that you DO NOT ASK for what a particular product that you are asked to test, find your own results and report back to the community.

What throws a HD display off and give it unneeded input lag is excessive post image processing, professional grade displays as nearly no image post processing other than the required scaling and deinterlacing.

With not all the data known, the professional displays are your best bet.

Now the Wells Gardner monitors is the best choice for arcade cabs as they are made to be drop in replacements for arcade cabs including cabs that traditionally had CRT screens (with a good video upscaler) .
I can tell you a Wells Gardner screens doesn’t come cheap, as you already know. The Veiwsonic is good, but they are meant for infographic and statistical displays, like seeing flights and their delays at airports.