What monitors will be used at EVO 2012?


What monitors (exact brand and model) will be used at EVO 2012? When I did a search, the ASUS VH236H monitor was one of the monitors used at last years EVO.


I’m not sure if they announced it or not, but if it’s an Asus, there’s a 99% chance it’s the VH236H because that’s the one that’s been used several years in the past. It’s the official Evo monitor (more or less).


I imagine it will be the VH236H again, but a confirmation of this would be nice. Also, I’d like to know if they will be setting up speakers for the audio (which is quite low on the VH236H), as they did in 2010.


I’m pretty that sure that EVO is using the same hardware they used last year for each station.
The VH236H is the EVO Monitor.