What more can I do to improve with Ryu?








These are recent matches. I use a pad (never did too well with a stick). So yeah, any input would be appreciated.


For starters, don’t ever pick Ultra 2. And for the rest, I recommend going to the Ryu forums. They’ll be able to give you more specific advice.


There’s something I like about the way you start rounds. Its like you’re looking for what the other guy is gonna do before you make your move. Specifically you play more defensively which I can respect in this age of JUMP JUMP JUMP DASH DASH DASH players.

But there’s a lot to work on. Aside from the usual run of learn the basics (learn to AA, learn to combo, stop jumping around like a monkey etc etc) There are a couple key points for you specifically.

1st you oddly almost never use light attacks except for the odd STANDING light of all things. Instead you opt for a mostly heavy attack based offense. This results in the awkward AA for you sometimes but also results in you getting CH VERY frequently. Learn to trust in the jab its the basis of all offense. Put another way[some of the terminology might go over your head at the moment, but look up anything you don’t understand and see how far this game can go] assuming they block, c. lp is +2 on block +5 on hit. Repeated jabs cannot be reversed out[although frame trap ones can] of so this lets you confirm for a combo, set up a CH setup, go for a tick throw[see next], etc etc. +2 is great, it means you get to move 2 frames before them. Compare and contrast to your standby c. RK or s.HP cancelled into nothing. Its…-14 apparently. That’s…ultrable at worst. But more likely at this level it just means if you try ANY other move after its your ass. As a fringe of all this you never throw. I watched like 4 of these but it just never happened. This stagnates your offense considerably.

2nd, you probably know this but, you mash like a mofo. Half your wake ups are shoryus and even when you hit AA’s you sometimes get a shoryu out. Watching your input data could give someone a seizure. As a bonus you mash a lot of heavies[probably aiming for the shoryu] which will result in that CH as you play against better players. Dial it down a bit. You want to be thinking about your next move, not rolling the dice. Its a poor gamble I might add, assuming you didn’t just flat out get hit, a light shoryu punish is a fiece combo, a heavy shoryu punish is a MAX DAMAGE combo. There are other ways out of pressure, BDs, focus BDs, blocking with late techs, etc

You may have notied, unfortunately this translates to your offense and defense are both bad, but you’re asking so at least it seems like you want to improve. In fairness I do really like your spacing which makes some of your stuff work because the opponent is juuuust out of their range and ends up eating the big move. That I think will take you somewhere if you polish up the rest of your game.


Im going to use a vid for this (your last one in your post), and tell you what you can do better at each point

At 0:19 - You baited the first move from him and then didn’t AA. Even if shoryu was too hard at that point a crouch fierce would have beaten that clean.

0:25 - You block his kunai and then MASH the hell out of DP. What if he had blocked? You would have lost half your health to a combo and a reset, and then have lost the round. Stop mashing DP and just block or throw tech there!

0:31 - Jump back fierce? All that did was leave you open to an attack.

0:34 - You whiff a jump move so mash dp? Stupid.

0:36 - Dp for no reason, then mash it again. Not smart play there at all.

0:40 - Stop jumping so damn much. Your lucky that ibuki sucks at AA’ing.

0:41 - Jump tatsu on the way up? Why? There was no reason. Don’t just mash special moves out. A c.Mk would have kept him in the corner.

0:44 - Hadouken way to close and easily punishable.

0:46 - Another random jump attack.

0:47 - Small and not-confident pressure string ending with an extremely punishable sweep.

0:48 - No anti air so got thrown

0:51 - Mash dp, bad and predictable

0:54 - stupid jump that got punished

1:04 - a dumb jump then a random crouch fierce that is very unsafe.

1:21 - “he moved so i must dp!!!”

1:24 - Overhead that would have gained you nothing and didn’t reach. Rh tatsu that is easily punishable by a smart person.

1:27 - j.mp follow with juggle combo (srk etc)

1:31 - Why did you dash away and put yourself in the corner? Get to midscreen and throw plasma.

1:45 - Dp mashed so hard you got super. -.-

Rest of the match - just jumping and dp’ing.

Im not going to sugar coat this. You have no concept of footsies or zoning. Your normals are severely underused. No pokes at all. All I saw was hadouken, jump HK and of course…SHORYUUUUUUUKEN. None of these were done at the appropriate times.

…Now for the good news.
-The St.hp was a good attempt at anti-air.
-waiting at the start to bait dumb moves was good
-taunting ftw.

The end of the line is…

USE YOUR DAMN NORMALS AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Every move you make think “Why am I doing this move?”. The DP should be anti air or as a very good ume-shoryu. Hadoukens should be used for space and to bait jumping or unsafe moves. Crouch fierce should be used as anti-air. J.hk should be used when the opponent cant AA or as an AA. Think about every move you do.

Watch players like daigo and look deeper than the entertainment. Look at positioning, why he does things etc. And I guarantee you’ll get better. Right now, you definitely have a long way to go.


I think I need to buy a new controller before I can really put in time for this.


Erm … by all means, buy a new pad if you want, but the things that have been mentioned so far aren’t really contingent on input device. More about thinking about the buttons you press, instead of just pressing them.


Ah, it’s just that I was trying to perform the srk fadc Ultra1 combo. Quite difficult for me on a normal 360 controller. I’ve always had issues on controllers lacking 6 face buttons.


Work on your fundamentals. They don’t require complex inputs.
You are seriously lacking fundamentals.
Learning to FADC Ultra is one thing. Learning how to play without relying on Ultra is another.

Superkewl has done a good analysis.


I watched almost all of the fights you had on Youtube and the first thing I noticed was that you don’t seem to have a reason as to why you use one move over another. I watched the Ibuki fight and I really think Superkewl hit the nail on the head. Don’t take his criticism harshly because he was being honest and I think he had good intent. When you do stupid things it’s important to start thinking of doing that as stupid so you don’t do it again, right?

I also watched the fight against Cody and was extremely disappointed in the Cody’s performance. He had you first round, but gave away his ultra very foolishly in round two. If I recall you caught him off guard with a mid-air strong and then failed to follow it up. I saw you do this in another fight too so I thought maybe you don’t know that you can combo from that, but you can follow that with a dp, ex hadoken, or even ultra 1. Going back, you shot a late hadoken which he decided to wakeup ultra and you blocked and punished well enough. Just make sure that you intend to get a fierce to the dp so you don’t do like you did earlier where you go to anti-air dp someone and get a fierce to fierce dp and leave yourself open. In that same fight you hit him with a f.fierce to super. Now this does work and, personally, I like using it sometimes myself, but why burn your meter? Cody has several moves that put him in range of c.forward to ex tatsu. Would 4 of those do more damage? What if you need that meter? You just began round two with Cody at advantage. You might need to wakeup with something he can’t stop, like an EX DP. I know the round ended in your favor, but it is something to consider against a good Cody because, if they get a moment to punish, half of your health will disappear and they don’t need meter to do that. If a good Cody has meter, you’re dead.

What I got from what I watched was that your opponents weren’t very good at their characters either, and that’s okay because we’re all learning. But if you really want to step up your game you need to play with people who are a little better than you. Find a friend or someone online who beats your regularly, maybe even another Ryu player, and try to figure out what he’s doing better than you. Also, don’t play ranked matches to improve skill. Go to the lobbies. That’s where the best players are. Get a mic, sometimes you’ll run into a cool guy who is willing to share some of their SF knowledge with you.

And my final advice would be, watch Alex Valle and Daigo Umehara play Ryu. They’re the best in the world and Alex Valle loves sharing his knowledge of SF so it’s not hard to find videos of him rambling on about something important.


Well your first mistake was playing with Ryu because he sucks. LOL I’m joking. From what I saw, you used Shoryuken WAY more than you should’ve. It’s meant to be an anti-air, not a regular move. Using it that way just leaves you wide open for an attack, or from more experienced players a combo that takes a huge chunk of life from you. You also have to work on using his normal attacks to string combos. You won’t get very far just by spamming special attacks. Oh and while you’re at it, try and play with other characters to get some knowledge of what they are capable of doing. It’ll help you develop strategies when you end up playing against them.

Well since I almost never play Ryu I can’t tell you much else, but go on Youtube or a site with videos and look up Daigo Umehara, Alex Valle or Fuudo. They are three of the best Ryu players in the world so you can learn a few things.


Watching your Ryu reminds me of how all the Ryu’s used to play when Vanilla first came out.


Aside from what’s been mentioned above, you really need to work on your punishes, eg vid 1 jumping over his Ultra and then throwing out a HK? (which you whiffed) then went right for a sweep. Really? Hell, you even had time to throw your Ultra back at him while he was still going through recovery. The same for whiffed SRKs etc. I wonder if it’s perhaps because you’re pressuring yourself on reacting to a punish situation and just desperately trying to get something out instead of actually thinking about it. You do a huge amount of button spamming when you’re on the defensive which is going to lead to getting countered, reversed and frame trapped a lot.

You’re relying too much on specials as gambles for what you think might happen rather than actually reading your opponent or using the specials in a situation best fitting (ie SRK as anti air), you’re giving no thought as to how you should use them, you’re just throwing them out like they are the answer to all your problems. Why you jumped over Evil Ryu and try to land an l.srk instead of landing a cross, I have no idea (around 36 seconds in maybe?).

Learn to bait your opponent.

For God’s sake, stop jumping all over the place for no reason. If you were fighting someone better, you’d be getting anti-aired all over the place.

As stated above, work on your fundamentals. Also, read this: Footsies Handbook

Think about what you are doing, what you are going to do and why. Pay attention to your opponent, look for patterns to try and read him. If someone is cycling the same series of moves, think about what you can do to shut it down, then you’re limiting their tools.

If you continue to play the way you are, you’re going to get devestated by people who actually know how to play, with no idea what just happened.


yeah, don’t think about your controller. Learn how to use your normals. Play the computer and pick one button and only use that button and no specials for the whole game. Repeat until you can beat the computer with each button. Once you do that then play through the whole game without jumping or using special moves. I know this sounds silly, but better understanding your normals will make you a better SF player. It’s not MK with bland normal moves :slight_smile:


Based on what you posted, it’ll help me understand the strengths and weaknesses of each button and where I can apply them?

Also, I’ve been putting out random SRKs when I didn’t want to and if it’s not a controller-related issue, what is it?


Your inputs are visible bro on the videos bro. I see a million DP motions whenever you do one.


I’ve managed to perform the SRK FADC U1 combo in training. After more practice I’ll be able to actually apply it in a match.

But for now, I’m gonna focus on normals.


if you play on xbox i could play some games with you?


Yeah. GT = Slateboard. I’m busy working on some stuff at the moment, but yeah feel free to send a friend request.


Mind if I help you out? GT - DaBeast xSKEx


You know what’s more important than an ultra combo? A consistent BnB. For Ryu you have three options: cr.mp cr.mp cr.hk (for safe jump and consistency), cr.lk cr.lp cr.hp xx hk tatsu (for corner carry and damage), and cr.lk cr.lp cr.lp link hp DP (for ease and consistency).

If you want to stay on pad pick up a madcatz pad. They’re very good as far as pads go. Otherwise learn to play on stick. I know players that excel on a 360 pad but it’s very difficult to mess with either an analogue stick or the world’s worst dpad.

You just jump whenever the opponent is near you in the first game. Either it’s input error or you don’t know what buttons to hit. Throw, cr.lp, cr.mp, and cr.mk would all be good buttons to hit.

j.mk is Ryu’s best crossup. j.hk doesn’t really cross up well.

When you land a far jump-in you can only land cr.mk xx hk tatsu or sweep, you can’t combo cr.hp.

Stop doing f.hp after a crossup or jump-in. It doesn’t combo.

Stop just doing tatsus when jumping in. You’re not doing the timing right for a crossup tatsu and he’s too far usually anyway.

Watched the Rufus match too. You need to learn to anti-air DP after doing a fireball. That’s the whole point of throwing the fireball.

Ryu’s cr.mp is very good. You don’t use it. It’s great to throw out because it’s 4 frames, plus on block, good range, and great priority.