What more can I do?

**I’m really looking to just find some high level players to give me tips on what I can change up in my game and any signs of weakness that can open me up for a loss.

Here’s a couple videos of me playing versus better opponents: (Don’t be too cruel, I’m a novice ;_;)**

I can post more of me losing if need be.

Seems like you have a pretty solid Honda! You did well to respect the Gouken fireball game and didn’t take any silly damage from mis-timed jumps etc. To prevent being forced into the corner by characters with strong fireball games, try and get a feel for their rhythm and land a j.Fierce into jab xx HHS or cr.MK xx Headbutt, good damage and will force them to be more careful when just throwing them out. Be careful with characters that have quick recovery on their projectiles such as Dee Jay though, as he can slide AA 99% of jump ins. Also, try not to be too happy with ultra reads, it is really hard to land them on reaction, however you did well to land them in both videos. Not much else I can think of, I’m not that an advanced Honda player so I’m sure there are other things I’m not picking up on. Posting some videos of your most disliked match-ups or hard losses would probably be better for receiving advice as its easier to pinpoint mistakes. Well played and good luck!

I feel there were a few spots where you could have punished poor jump-ins from the Gouken player with clean oichos.

after you land a cr.lp on a blocking opponent you can stand your ground (stay crouched) but also you can walk forward a bit and threaten their space. To really get good as a Honda you need to be comfortable with not having charge.So… step forward a few pixels see what he does or threaten him again with jab, standing or crouching or if after you walked forward you sense hesitation? Oicho him OR you can move back a few pixels… wait or throw out a st. rh; remember that cr.lp can be blocked both standing and crouching but some other moves like cr.lk and st.rh needs to be blocked crouching. it’s a small thing that your opponents need to fear. A crouching/crouch-blocking opponent is an opponent that isnt moving which makes they an easier target for a walk-up oicho or a tick-oicho throw.

You’re off to a good start you play very reactively. Get comfortable with moving in and threatening his space. Learn your lp-oicho range. Learn how many ticks you can use in a block string while still being able to oicho afterwards (cr. lk, cr. lk, cr.lp - oicho. for example; anywhere inbetween that string you can bust out an oicho).

Also don’t be afraid if people jump over you if you walk towards them, Honda has a fast walking speed. You can either continue walking right under them and be in a safe range to just need to block low (as no overheads will have enough range to touch you), oicho them or even cl.fp antiair them. A few times early in the match that Gouken neutral jumped and attacked early completely missing you. Soon you’ll be able to see that and react to it with a stand up, cl.fp ant-air.

Another random tool to have for those really one-off moments. Can you dash into a fp.HHS? it can cover some nice ground.