What motivates you?


What drives you to draw/create something? For me, Its either seeing something from everyday life , or just somethign that intruiges me. Also, how do some of you go about creating characters?


Sometimes you gotta motivate yourself cause depending on viewing other art for motivation isn’t gonna cut it, though you can look once in a while. I remember spending lots of time looking at other artist on the net but to find it is wasting precious drawing time. You can do it but not too much.

As for creating characters I guess I just create whatever comes to mind.


Porn and a Cold beer

but seriously though, looking at other people work helps. Especially when you think your the shit and you go look at something that blow your stuff ass backwards, it helps add fuel to the flame. To be honest, I was loosing my drive to draw cause I was tired of people telling me that my stuff looks like dragon ball. Its true, but I was getting tired of hearing it. Thanks to SFMC for helping me with muscles my drive has returned. He’s my Night in shining armour:o

^^^ thats a joke. Dont take it the wrong way.


Dude that was fruitcake to the 3rd power. You have offended me and the shaolin temple. Just playing.


Looking at other people’s work, then think to yourself “Pfft… I can do better than that” then to realize later (after you finish your new piece) that you suck. (In Photoshop)


Porn and a Cold beer

yea man, I used to have that problem as well with the dragonball style being in everything i drew. Im getting out of that technique now, but im just having trouble being motivated enought to get my lazy ass of this computer and go draw…and the time I draw the most is in class, but thats because the computer isnt there…but, atleast Im in an art school.


when i create a character, i think of a personality first they draw it, if you want inspiration, listen to music or whatever, capture a sense of thought, hold it, then extract it on paper.

but sometimes i see art posted on srk and i feel like i could do better and once you’ve post you get feedbacks, it feels good.

i draw to get props.


That’s super weak logic. Draw for yourself and not for comments. You know I’m just messin with ya. Anyways I ain’t going to t4. I wish i could though.


Nothing. That’s probably why I suck.


right now…

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is alot of motivation for me.


Yea what motivates me into drawing is basically music, and the way the music plays…:cool: Like trance, and techno, maybe some rock i start thinking of chracters and the way they would look in an anime style art :wink:


:slight_smile: Maybe this.


music helps me develop my characters and their personalities, depending on what kind of music my characters grew up listening to.

I draw for entertainment purposes, because I think it should be that way. If a person looks at my art and, besides the constructive critisizm, gives me somewhat of a praise, which is what I work for in a picture, I feel that I’ve done what I needed and thus, I’ll create more pics.



So help me I will do something that he will like!!! rofl