What moves you having difficulty performing?


im having difficult time to perform hcbx2, i can never do it consistently, damn it…it pissed me off…


i is not able to do the diagonal forward circle back motion… not an easy!


Shout of Earth…


The full circle moves of characters like zangeif. So awkward, i never got the hang of it and learned to just not bother with it a while back. Every other move is fine though,just those damned 360 circle moves that i’ve always found impossible.


Full screen Blanka CC…mothafuck !! :mad: :mad:


Charge DB,DF,DB, UF+Attack
K9999 HSDM in '02


try in any game other than SVC:
charge db,hcb,uf + attack

For K9, just keep spinning 360s and you’ll get it


Ryos Just Frame Ranbu super in KOF2k2…WTF was SNK thinking with this shit?


Heh heh, I never got that move out. I tried doing it in training for 10 minutes and gave up.


I’ve often found that trying to do the 360 too quickly messes me up. I think I must skip some of the points that must be hit. Doing it a bit more slowly really helps me out. Also remember that you don’t have to do a full 360; hitting 6 points on the stick will suffice (like f, hcb, ub+attack). Try it.


The Power Geyser in CvS2. I can never fucking do that, pisses me off.


Power Geyser Sillie-qcbhcf and punch…thats the shortcut way of doing it…as I say, roll back roll forward and punch


I find it’s usually a problem with a direction, not a specific move. Some days, my hand just refuses to go all the way to the right. Screws up half-circles and anything else involving half-circles.

Don’t you hate when you try to do a move really fast and you character jumps? And I don’t mean 360s either. It’s like you really want to get that QCFx2 out, then next thing you know you’re in the air.


I hate the motion for Geese’s ‘Raging Storm’.


Haha It’s good to know that other players have this same problem, too. hate that. I actually do 360’s nice, but I can’t stand playing at home cause I don’t have sticks and can’t 360 on a pad for anything. My solution is to switch to the analog pad real quickly.


Geese’s Raging Storm and HCBx2 moves are a pain.


HCBx2 when on the right side. I fucking hate them.


Akira’s SPOD and Knee.


Just because they have a punishment move for the motion made it much harder~

K’ also has one I think


i can never get hibiki’s blackout super in cvs2 for some reason. But i kaiser wave just fine as well…strange.