What music do you listen to while you're playing?

Me: Haddaway- What is love


No but seriously. Sometimes when I’m too lazy to pick out a song I’ll just let my whole list collection play random on winamp. I like listening to Marlon Asher- Ganja Farmer though, makes me think of cannabis and how annoying it is, and it kinda calms me that I’m not under the effect. Jk, I just think it’s relaxing. Also like gorillaz, especially fire coming out of a monkeys head, kids with guns, el maana, november has come and demon days.

Anyway, what do you listne to while you’re playing SFIV?

Most of the time I just listen to the SF4 soundtrack, but occasionally I’ll swap in some old Marvel tracks or something. That damn training song is stuck in my head like every day I swear.

You know, until you said anything I didn’t even think about blasting some tunes while I play.

Heavy shit!

The Number 12 Looks Like You
Parkway Drive
Heavy Heavy Low Low
Lower the Casket
Every Time I Die
All Shall Perish

Stuff like that. \m/

Other Fighting Game Music

Street Fighter
Fighting Vipers
Virtua Fighter etc…

=( my genres arent on there…

I love playin some Electro House or Drum n’ Bass! =D :rock::rock::rock:

& UK Grime :rofl:

I listen to METAL

i feel extremely embarrassed to say this but taylor swift

Eurobeat because it’s fast as fuck…

Or some sort of Hip hop/Rap and Rock.

Yann Tiersen, Kaiser Chiefs, MGMT, MF DOOM, The Cardigans, Wu-Tang Clan, Death Cab for Cutie, Explosions in the Sky, Mono, Kanye West.

Shit like that. Nothing particularly fitting.

i usually play the samurai champloo soundtracks, bob marley, eek-a-mouse, steel pulse, deep house sets, diplo, MIA, quantic, whatevers on my hard drive.


Tekken and Street Fighter (HDR) work particularly well. Also…

Stan Bush.


In-dee-structable!!! The last man staaanding!!!

I listen to sound bytes from “the ties that bind” while I play.

…why isn’t the in-game soundtrack an option on the poll?

Haha ^^ truth. I listen to allot of drum and bass. Pendulum <3

I listen to Hip-Hop and then i have the soundtracks to 3rd strike and 2nd impact playing as well

Sonic Youth. Makes any match 10x more intense