What New upcoming fighters have National Tournaments upon release?


For Persona 4, Dead or Alive 5, and for Tekken Tag Tournament 2? If so please state where and when. Ive google searched and haven’t found too much information regarding this. But, Im sure when these games come out it will be to something of the sort of that nature. Also, if you have any suggestions of any recent fighters to pick up itd be greatly appreciated. Im kind of suffering from burnout playing the same games over again. I’ll get back to them after giving these games a try.


You play games based on them having national tournaments? How about playing something because you like the game itself?

And newsflash for you- Tournaments organized by the community are usually more legit/kosher/whatever you like to call it, than official ones.
I can’t talk much about the SF4 nationals but the Tekken 6 one had stupid shit all over. It’s just a marketing tool and never a really serious tournament.



No seriously, What do a national tournament and getting into a new game have to do with each other? Theres places to play locally and if you are just learning the game you’ld probably go 0-2 in any serious tournament? BTW its more than likely none of them will, Manufacturers seem to be fine with Sponsoring majors, Namco hasn’t done a national tournament since Tekken 5 iirc (Tekken 6 had a national?), and the SF4 tournament was a joke. (I’m supposed to be helping with this tournament so I really should try to curb the amount of bad things I say about Capcom, LOL I’ll see how that works out).


no i dont. i like tekken tag and i like marvel 3. I dont like ssf4. I like a lot of games. Like I said Im just burnt out on those games, and the local scene is hard to come by in my area. Plus why do I have to like a game to play it? I dont like RTS’ and I dont like too many FPS’ but if I were godlike at them I would enter tournaments strictly for the money. Even if I went 0-2 at a tourney there is still lots of people to play. Thats why Im asking.

Theres nothing more right now thatd i want to do but play Persona 4 Arena. Game looks too good…however, I can only hope a lot of people will play it. Thats why Im banking on it having something special going down when it comes out.


Finding players in Houston isn’t hard

http://www.tekkenzaibatsu.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=124093 Tekken Arena Oct 6 for ttt2. Everything else is too early


I’ll say it again- This was NOT a legit tournament. Just for PR. Laggy monitors, shady qualifiers etc.


You want a tournament for a game? Make your own.


If you play it and some other people in your local scene play it (hint: bringing a game to gatherings is a good way to build interest) then you can pretty much bet that other local scenes will be playing it too. After that, you just have to convince the other local players to travel to nearby tournaments and/or majors and enter the game, which shouldn’t be too hard since carpooling is pretty cheap.

Also, if you’re really dedicated to a game, stream it. Capture devices aren’t the cheapest things in the world, but you can get one for ~$50 new. Streams build interest in a game, and also foster competition; players want to look good in stream lobbies, after all.