What nicknames are you giving for the characters/teams?

Just wondering, since the community likes to give nicknames to characters and certain pairs.


I dont think many people have named teams other than just shortening characters names and saying the team without and or with.

cash monayyyyy

I’ve been calling Saki/Tekkaman the following:
Team ST
Saki/Tekka, Saki/Tekk, Sak/Tek

And a Blade Tekkaman/Tekkaman team must be called:
Tekknologic (Cheesy? Yes, but I’m okay with that)

Frank West + Viewtiful Joe = Photogenic

We came up with nicknames for most of the cast when the JP one came out, since half of the group playing couldn’t read Japanese and didn’t know the characters.

Ken - Gatchaman
Jun - Gatchagirl
Yatterman - Dog Dude
Casshern - DMX
Polymar - Red Guy
Karas - Ninja
Ippatsuman - Baseball Dude
Daimao - Big Al
Batsu - Kazuya
Soki - Onimusha Guy

:rofl: at this

Megaman/Roll - The Blue Bomber Squad.

Hey, just because the original Blue Bomber’s not there doesn’t mean another can’t take his place.

Zero/Roll - Zeroll

Guess why.

Polymar + Ippatsuman = Team Grab Reset*

*Although I prefer to combo Polymar’s grab resets unless they’re low off the ground

No need.

Chun-Li + Jun the Swan = Hazan Mirage Faction! :woot:

Yatterblade no.2!

I use Blade/Tekkaman. I had called them Tekkatekk before, but apparently some people have been calling them “The Tekkamen,” which is probably a better name.

You Tekkascape! - Tekkaman/Alex

Tekkajun - Tekkaman/Jun

Saken - Saki/Ken

OTGVHC - Frank/Casshern

Frank Rolled - Frank/Roll (“We’re no strangers to combos. She OTGs, and so do I…”)

Ippatsu-li - Ippatsuman/Chunli




Stay right there-Saki/Joe the Condor

Polighting legs-Polimar/Chun

Yatterwest for Yatterman-1/Frank

“no HP all-stars” = Karas/Roll

“team noob” = Ryu/Zero

Screw you. I do not main “team noob”… :frowning:

I personally prefer “The Giga Crashers” for Zero and Ryu.

Don’t use these teams, just some ideas lol:

Frank/Alex - “OH MY GRAGH!”

Either Joe/Grappler: Joe n Throw

Karas/whoever - Karasmatic

Jun/Chun - Bingo-Kikou

Roll/Poly: Rollimar

Yatter-2/Doronjo: Team wow get all this shit off my screen