What nicknames are you giving for the characters/teams?

Blue Tekkaman/ Blue Tekkaman Blade - BRU-TEK_KAAAAAH! (Bru as in making fun of Asians and the letter L)

Black Joe the Condor/ Normal or Black Viewtiful Joe - Batman and Robin OR team GOOOO JOE!

Tekkaman/Soki - Heavy Hitters (Glen Learner joke)

Yatterblaster - Yatterman 2 and Ryu.

Morrigan/Doronjo = Team Mojo

Not to be confused with Team Scrub, a.k.a Ryu/Batsu

It’s almost like fighting two of the same character.

MorrCash = Morrigan/Casshan. They really pay out for me.

Ken & Joe = Bird boys
Joe & Saki = Lady and the tramp
Alex & Saki = Sexual assault (how could she [physically] resist!)
Alex & Roll = Pedo
Ken & Saki = East meets easy

Oh, I forgot when I pick Ken and Saki it sounds like ‘Candy eagle sucky’.

Really the only teams I am playing is Casshern/Zero and Ippatsuman/Tekkaman. I guess I am going to put Batsu/Polymar back in the lab… So I guess…

Casshern/Zero= Team OCFray aka Team Pound Da Ground

Ippatsuman/Tekkaman= Every body get back cuz Tekkaman bout to make it rain!!!

Bastu/Polymar= Team one touch Kill

Casshan/Polimar = Black Power.

I think a better name for that team would be “POLIMAR!! JET!!!”

Tekkaman Blade/Saki = Can’t Touch This

I need something for Souki/Saki that doesn’t involve dumb alliteration or rhyming. Impossible?

Team Overcompensation.

Not a team name but anyone else call RYU,Jew?When you select him the robotic announcer voices sounds like he is saying “JEW”

Zero/Alex = Team Marn.

Team Demon Bullets?

Team Unblockable Demons?

Team overcompensating is pretty good actually.

Doronjo + V. Joe or Joe the Condor = Doronjoe
Tekkaman + Doronjo = SPACE BEACHBALL
Doronjo + Roll = Dorolljo
Polimar + Doronjo = I can finally hit my level 3 super (Or Pojo or whatever)
Chun-Li + Doronjo = Nice Legs

That’s all my tiny brain can muster.

Roll + Casshan = Team “Robo-Magic” or Team “Rolling in dat Cash money”. haven’t decided
Casshan + Joe C./Polimar = Team "No seriously, we will fuck you up."
Yatterman 1 + Yatterman 2 = Team “Yatter! Yatter! YATTERMAN!” (Or just Yatterman :razzy:)
Chun + Cass = Team "We got lightning punches and thunder thighs."
Any combination of Ryu/Soki/Zero/Batsu = Team “You’re like the ninth team I’ve fought like this today. WTF?”

We call G.Lightan “Golden Refrigerator” :wink: