What % of 1f links do you hit online?


I believe Street Fighter 4 has variable input lag, meaning that lag online can affect input timing for combos. One frame is 1/60th of a second, or 17 milliseconds (ms). By comparison, even good internet ping times can be about 30ms, or two frames.

This is a question for the more experienced players, who would hit a 1f link basically 100% offline. What percent of the time would you hit the same link online, playing against random people with green bars? Is it still close to 100%?

Just curious because I usually miss my links online. Most of that is incompetence in my case though, so I’m wondering what it’s like for good players. I play on xbox in the US and have a good internet connection.


It depends on the actual link, for example I can hit Sakura’s tatsu loops like 90% of the time, but tsumuji loops (Ibuki unplinkable links) are more or less close to 60% (offline would be up to around 75% or so) and there’s also things like Chun’s legs loops (where you have to input like 5 buttons after the 1 frame link) that is close to 20% (30 offline I’d say)…I’m a scrub for some things and a combo master for other things I guess

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with guile 60%


Guile combos are 2 frames now, at least his main bnb, what 1f links are you talking about?


[] You can plink those with select
] Look at this, it’s in french but it might help, if you want a translation ask me (Go back to 15min40 before I can’t get the video to start where I want). https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=WN94MK3bM3c#t=832

As for me I land 0% 1f bc my char don’t need them (One of the reason that made me pick yun)


I know I can blink them, but I don’t have my stick modded to make it worth it and that vid doesn’t tell me anything I didn’t know already, I piano and plink (or try to) with MK, but it is still hard


@AlexTheKing‌ cr.lp, Cl.st.hp and cr.lp, far st.hp


It’s more the way he does the piano, by sliding you have time for plinking the subsequent HP with MP in a easier manner. I always had a hard time for doing piano’s the “classic” way, 5min later with this method I could do some with ease. So just in case I posted it here.
For the select you don’t have to mod your stick, just shift buttons one column to the right.

If it’s of no use to you, shame on actually.


for the blinking you have to mod your stick, as you if you let a button without a fuction the game doesn’t register the input, the only way to plink a LP is with select/back, and the only way to use it is modding your stick and I don’t like sliding, I used to try it,but I find it way more inconsistent and after some tries my fingers hurt a bit, by doing piano I just get tired after tons of tries


Like 10% cuz I play on PC lol so ridiculously hard
I can hit them pretty consistently offline


Forgot the console way to handle inputs :<


PC Master race too stronk : (