What ONE buff do you want the most?



Most of the buff requests(reasonable) I see are 1. old 2h SA 2. height reduction on canon strike(Makoto level) 3. normal throw range 4. better NJ and 5. 1 frame faster start up on cr mk. I think they all would make her better, but in completely different ways, and wanted to see which one you guys thought would be most beneficial.


Whoever she is, I’d like her buffed in such a way that posts about her go in the appropriate forum.


whoopsie daisy I meant to put this in the Cammy thread. Can one of the mods please move it.


Any move that hits crouching players.

This character used to have a flying command grab but that was removed. Also had a counter that didn’t require any meter that was capable of countering.


umm i listed the same things i normally.do…

but lets troll. lol.

i want a step kick like abel or ken… and. umm i. the nj short to be cancelable into dive kick… like adon… or… i want head stops like chun… so i can dp fadc head stops into dive kick mix up like seth…

or… i want all sbf faster by 10 frames and i want light punch sbf to leave her stationary like yun and yang…

i want my sweep faster by 1 frame and my stand jab to have a bigger hit box by a pixil.


or seriously… regular throw range… better poking normal… like bisons short or forward instead of her current short/forward if they leave the height restriction i want a frame or two of hit/block stun added or being crazy i want a dive kick option added to hooligan… hell make hooligan throw catch crouchers. lol she doesnt need much…

if i had had to choose… it would be something to help her bad match ups… soo. … either the better poking normal. hooligan dive kick or some way to combo into sweep via faster sweep or more hit stun on far jab.


I think her pokes are okay. They could be a tad faster and safer, but the hk spiral is so much more important. Guard crushing and combo-wise


hk spiral… guard crushing?


Oops. I meant focus crush… Or whatever the termiology is. ~.~;

  1. give tkcs back.
  2. C.strike is an overhead
  3. give back the old HK SA.

if they do any of those, I will be happy.


i want something to help the bad match ups.




Too broken even for Koryu version.


My vote is definitely 2 hit Spiral Arrow OR Spiral Arrow given armor break properties. I’m sick to death of having to retreat from focus attacks or hope that cr.MK xx Spiral Arrow will get both hits before the opponent lets go of MP+MK.


Give her an overhead
or make her damn knuckle faster, like Gouken’s Light palm which is safe to chip pple with

She needs some way to crack open turtles who down-back all day…


Isn’t that what throws are for? Though I wouldn’t mind every character having a universal overhead like 3S


As much as i agree. When guiles start zoning and “chuckin’ dem booms” it’s diffcult to get in dat ass


well thats hard for ANY character minus Yun that doesn’t have a projectile.


Well I’d like Makoto to have a mouth laser like Nappa from DBZ that instantly kills my opponent for one EX Stock but that’s about as likely to happen as that suggestion.


A better armor breaker the only reliable way to beat Focus Attacks is to punish the dash cancel with spiral arrow, hooligan or Spin knuckle (if they don’t have a reversal). I’ll be happy if they buff at least one of her specials so they can be used just a little more.