What online game mode should i play if i am starting out?


I’ve tried a few (endless, tournament, etc) but I must be really bad because I am getting demolished in all of them. Some matches I can’t even land a single punch. :shake: I’ve been trying to practice in the training but am now wondering if I should just play some CPUs to get use to things?

This is in Xbox live if it makes any difference.


endless, because when youre playing against someone they will eventually learn your tricks and force you to adapt. Ranked is often a one time affair full of gimmicks. its not good for learning

no to the cpu. nobody plays like the cpu, so you wont be learning anything that way.

you will be getting beat up for a while. street fighter is not like other games, its very unforgiving and it doesnt give a fuck.

edit: goto training if you dont know basic combos, zoning, crossups, two in ones, fadc, anti airing meaties etc. consult the ryu sub forums in addition to this forum. this forum is more about newbie questions that arent character specific.


Play the barrel crushing game first. Once you get a perfect on that with a character, then move on to Challenges/Trials. Do all the challenges with your character first and once you are done, play Arcade mode. In Arcade mode, beat every single difficulty with less than 3 continues each time through.

Optional: Now pop in your vanilla SF4 disc and play through all the time trials / survival mode with your character.

Now you are ready to do online matches. Play unranked matches until you win 5 in a row. Once that is done, you are ready for ranked matches. Once you do well in ranked matches, go for Tournaments.


thanks for the tips guys. I will try to play endless some more and do some barrel crushing.!


Whatever character you are using, go through the trials to learn some combos and links. Basically you want to spend most of your time in endless mode. In my personal experiences, ranked matches are very stressful and intense. Grab yourself a training buddy/IRL friend and endless mode the night away. Wins and losses don’t matter either :slight_smile:


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go endless.