What Options R Left if i miss?

The Trouble Im Having Wit Magneto is wen i dash in c. lk, launch, wen i land it its no problem, but wen i miss, i dont no wat to do! wat available options r there if i dont connect or they block? another thing, i also have trouble dashing in on opponents, i either get hit wit a combo or i get scared =(, i still have trouble dashing in on people! Is there nething i can do to help me get out of doin that, assist etc. I am really dedicated to learning Magnus, i dont wanna get laughed at nomore.


Well dont even dash and launch like that. If they block you finished. Only do that when they are finished with a move and cant block. If you want an air combo,do it after the basic Psylock assist combo(c.lk,c.lk + Psy assist,when he comes down c.lk,c.hk,hyper grav.,then launch). And if he blocks the assist then tri-jump his ass. But if you have to c.lk,c.hp then id tri-jump. As for safe dashing,always be perpared to block. I would’nt ground dash that much but id tri-jump a lot. And only do it when the other character is in block stun from an assist. Hope that helps.

Thx Crimson, i just wanna have a descent Magneto dats all, i just cant rely on Cable, c rite now im using Magneto/Cable/Tron, i no dis team can do damage, but how can i put it to good use? Im tired of getting owned! Ma Frend usually uses Mag/Storm/Sent, and ma frend who thinks hes the shit uses Mag/Ironman/Cammy, ne strats against dose teams wen using Mag/Cable/Tron? I really would appreciate da help, maybe sum pros could help me out? =)

if u dash in and they block your launcher cancel it with an em disruptor, they usually dont expect it and get hit or they cant react fast enough…use the lp version. You can also cancel the launcher into a hypergrav tempest but i dont use it nor do i recommend it cuz they can block the hypergrav, jump right over the tempest and punish you, so forget i said that lol

umm mag/cable/tron…get as much damage as u can with mag/tron before u dhc him out or he gets killed…a semi safe dhc from mag to cable is do a tempest at about sj height…wait for the tempest to come out a but then dhc into cables timeflip…the have to block the tempest and by that time cable has already recovered from the super…unless your fighting a cable in which case u WILL get shot lol

when your playing against that guy who uses mag/storm/sent…if he uses rp assist remember tron eats that shit…so use that to your advantage and rape his sent as an assist and rush his mag down…against the guy playin mag/IM/cammy…snap cammy in…cross her up GB her whatever…kill that bitch quick cuz she hurts mag’s rushdown…umm thats all i can think off lol sorry

Took the words write out of my mouth.

but if u tri-jump after a blocked c.lk, c.lk, psy assist, the other guy would most likely be calling out his assist, so u’d get hit by it, such as capcom, another psy, or cyclops. so im wondering, wat can u do after a blocked c.lk, c.lk, psy? I usually just dash back, throw out a lp em disruptor, wait for his assist to whiff, and dash in to rush down again, but that kinda leaves my psy vulnerable…

after a blocked c.lk c.lk+psy, instead of tri jumping again, you can trijump forward…so you dash horizontal over them and cross them up. should make their assist whiff magnus, and only hit psylocke. but you’re on the other side now so they can’t kill psylocke, and you can resume rushin down or dash back for some breathin space.

Yeah but because I dont c.lk,c.hp offten I just shot out of the dark. Cuz everyone was to scared to assist. But what Hypermegachi said was way better.

Trance im not sure if anyone mentioned this but:

First thing you need to learn (and im not sure if you know it since ur looking for options after missing launcher) is never ever attempt to launch after they blocked ither your c.lk or c.lp. And if they block that c.lk like someone said before tri-jump them and crossem up with an assist.

You mean not continuing the chain? In which case, Damn that sii’z hard. My fingers have been trained to c.lk, launch. Got dawmit.