What Order?/ My Team Synergy


I’m an absolute noob at this game, but i am eager to get better

I have been recommended Captain America and Wolverine due to their supposedly “easy execution”

I would like to play Sentinel also purely because what i will lack in skill i will make up for in gigantic Robotic Awesomeness!

The main point in this thread is to ask what order should i play these three and what assists? Also any recommendations for replacements you may have please tell me. I’m 100% open to criticism :)m


Wolverine (Anything) / Cap (Charging Star) / Sentinel (Sentinel Force: Charge)

That’s probably your best bet, but if you really want to win you’re going to need to pick some top tiers. Try Vergil. He’s derp easy but also really good.


Please use the teammaking thread.