What other fighting game should I pick up?

Besides CvS2 and MvC2?

I play 3s a lot and occasionally ST, but thats all my friends and I ever play. I don’t like MvC2, I feel like it’s just who can twitch the fastest to get the (almost)infinite combos with top teirs, so no games too much like that. I know guilty gear is kind of popular but it seems to be dying out at my arcades, I was also looking at KoF2k2 (and maybe that new one thats coming out in Japan soon?)

Am I missing anything? Any newer games so I’m not 4-5 years behind on experience?

you need more then 3s?


seriously though, cvs2 is a good game… i d k, if you REALLY wanna get into a game, get into virtua fighter, because most 2d actually suck IMO.

Alpha 3 is good, but no one plays it anymore.

Cvs2 and 3s are what it seems everyone is playing now adays, so just stick with them.

Alpha 2/3 both are great games and classics.
Garuo MOTW good game
Any of the better KOFS
Any of the better samurai showdowns

MvC2’s good once you get by that “lol tiers lol twitch infinites o gnos” feeling. I swear. CvS2 just feels boring at times to me. ST is good as well. You may also want to check the latest SNK offerings (KOF XI, NGBC, SS Tenka, etc.)

If it’s 3D games you’re looking for, I’d say VF4 or Tekken 5 (or t5dr if you’ve access to that).

If you can import, melty blood on ps2 is comming out next month in Japan. Won’t get much in ways of arcade competition though.

Actually it’s coming out June 1st Kevin.


Did it get delayed, or am I thinking of slash?

I love MVC2 personally, once you get past the technical bits. The fact that everyone is broken makes the game more strategy focused than mixup focused. Viscant could tell you. Of the stuff you mentioned, MVC2 has the most in common with ST mental game-wise.

Just pick up AE, that way you get 3s and Hyper SF. Its not ST, but if its just for you and your buddies, it should be fine.

Always ticks me off when people say “get past the technical bits” in response to people not liking MVC2.

A lot of people (myself included) just didn’t like the style and got past the technical parts, tiers, infinites, and all of that. Nothing can change you simply not liking the style.

In fact MVC2 was the reason I quit going to the arcade and moved more into PC gaming. And I can say the decline of it’s popularity and the move to other games is the reason I drifted back to 2d fighters.

Pointless rant I know, but if somebody states they don’t like the game, don’t tell them to get past something they probably already have.


If you liked 3s so much. Garuo MOTW is the best option for you.

guilty gear is what you need

SS Tenka is great.

then clearly you’re missing the strategy elements that make the game as good as SF2.

But whatever, I was just stating why I liked the game. It has strong strategy focused gameplay. If you’re missing that, then you’re not past the technical bits.

I’d say Motw or VF4. But generally, getting people who play MvC2 to even try Motw or VF4 is like pulling teeth.

all my play mates who aren’t fans of a specific fighting game think guilty gear is the most fun to play and watch videos of.
besides, correct me if i’m wrong but-

  1. guilty gear got a balance patch (unlike most games)
  2. the japanese thought the balance patch was good and played it (unlike 3 specific capcom games -.-)
  3. patch got a perfect(unlike ST wtf) port to ps2 (ps2 owners open your zones if you haven’t yet…),xbox and pc so not only the japanese can enjoy it but everyone around the world (unlike tekken5:dr for psp only wtf kill stupid namco plz)
  4. guilty gear got a second balance patch (again unlike most games)
  5. too early to judge but so far japanese didn’t find a reason not to play it
  6. second patch is getting a perfect port for ps2 as well (unlike virtua fighter 4 ft) so you can get it for your zoneless ps2.

my point is that it doesn’t even matter if you like the game or not- the developers care about the serious guilty gear players out there and doing what i think every fighting game maker should do. so support the forces of light and buy ggxxs!

back to the topic-
but if you wanna play something popular then umm…don’t play fighting games outside of japan :frowning:

The thing about MvC2 is…

I think it is the fighting game that spawns the most creativity.

You know I’ve been playing a lot of games recently: rumble fish,last blade,tenka,nbc,garou,kof XI and just yesterday a lot of 3s. Today for the first time in months I played a little of kof 2k2 and man this game is good. The control,cancelling, game speed is just perfect,very tight and responsive. You have to get this game now!!!

Guilty Gear XX Slash
Guilty Gear XX Slash
Guilty Gear XX Slash
Guilty Gear XX Slash
Guilty Gear XX Slash
Guilty Gear XX Slash

Handicap of starting late won’t be as bad since everybody will be adjusting to the new system.