What other genres of games do you play?


Out of curiosity it’d be interesting to see what genres are popular amongst fighting game fans. My personal favourite is racing/driving, I only play SF4 in fighting genre tbh.


My, when was the last time I saw a poll in GD?


^ Yestarday


Marketing research?

Class Project?

EAD nigga…


Dat Madden.


To be honest, most of us here play many of those genres if not all of them. Going through my collection, I’ve got samples of every one of those genres. :tup:


shoulda made a shinobi a choice for orochizoolander


Its Super Turbo a game genre?

It should be, its fucking addictive


ESPORTS 420 24/7!


Racing, and Western RPG.

I USED to play a whole bunch other shit, but thank you based XBOX 360. Fallout and Forza, fuck errythang else.


Loli rape sim.


terrible taste in video games.

It’s all about dat Gran Turismo and Gal Gun

Cursing is my religion. And Jesus fucking Christ, religion has continuity issues.


I play everything


I play lots of retro games!