What other move can elena's rhino horn go through?

So I played an Elena player this morning (who was a nut btw) and I notice his rhino horn with through my ex hadoken with sakura and few other moves with some different characters…does it go through most moves??

EX Rhino Horn is projectile invincible. Regular Rhino Horns are not - however, due to how weird the hit and hurtboxes are during the move, she can, at some points, fly over some projectiles. As far as I know, this is not consistent and can not be relied on.

Additionally, if it seems like it’s flying through other types of moves, it’s probably, again, due to how weird the boxes are during the move. Check the video at decapre.com for her specials http://decapre.com/watch?v=U33DMlXstOI (it’s the second move listing as hcb - which is actually incorrect, as it’s a HCF motion). Note that only the first hit (of three) hits crouching opponents, the other two hits will fly over a crouching opponent.