"What other players message you after you beat them" MK9 edition


First day after release and we’ve already got a voice message :rofl:


Sent to us after a tag match. My buddy throwing out those hand grenades and pistol rounds with Striker!




The finest message I’ve ever received. :tup:



Jesus christ, I had problems with turtles before (Sektor here, one slow overhead!), but I did this amazing thing that I couldn’t do in SF, and one that I could.

First one? Kick em to chip em, get my meter growing. Second? Throw the bastard.

Last night I played a 2P tag match and I remember finishing off the fight 1v2 guys. My friend was laughing his ass off on how bad the players were. It actually came to the point where I heard over their mics that they were bitching at each other.


lol how the hell are you gonna trashtalk to someone cause he was blocking in a fighting game.

Welcome to the internet.


That’s what the “?” block was for, but yeah, internets.


The opposite happened to me. On day one I made a friend after playing a few matches with my Stryker.


As it turns out, the guy was drunk that night. The messages were so awesome that we are now friends.


been playing a bit more online, still so laggy :frowning:

had two messages though:

“kabal is for noobs get a life”


“bugged my teleport never hit, gg hacker”

the second one was funny, he was playing smoke and spammed his tele punch almost the entire match… I was just blocking… then hitting him back :stuck_out_tongue:


i got this morning a voice hate mail =D

“fucking bitch aaasfbafsbf blocking ****** you think you’re soooo good you are only good in being a dick bitch”

by BRIAN6555 a angry mmm i think 12-13 years old kid and a tele spammer scorpion =)


I’m seeing a trend here…dudes hate blocking here like it’s some goddamn unbeatable option. And EVERY single one of these players tend to just throw out teleports like it’s some goddamn safe DP LOL!

Some random dude named Fatalshot81x is one of these guys. I literally just would walk up to this guy and he’d be mashing on teleport. So…like any normal person would do, I block him. Lol he’s clearly getting upset over the mic. I win, he declines a rematch, I get called a scrub in the lobby and decide to have fun and egg him on and even try to direct him to where he could get better, until eventually he gets to the point where he’s like “I don’t care, I have money, I have a girl” or some shit like that (To which I’m thinking, “I seriously don’t know any morons that actually have money…”).

I swear, dudes like this would NEVER pop off at the mouth if they were to play IRL. Which makes it all the more hilarious, I guess lol.


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Everyone of them is a rage quitter. It’s good to see XBL is classy as usual.


out of the 30+ games i had i was only able to finish 2 of them, the rest rage quit on me. everyone i have played against so far spammed teleport punches even while i was blocking


I got called “A Disgrace to girl gamers”

I don’t think he knew I’m a dude, lol.


^You’re a dood!? Well I learned something new today. :d

Anyway I got some messages. “Learn how to do a fucking combo you spam spical moves your trash” Everything I landed besides a few projectiles were 25-40% combos and I said that then he said “yeah but all of the hits was special moves” I lol’d.

And finally after years of online fighting games…I got a message after a win that actually MADE SENSE. “wow i suck lol” Haha. I gave that guy props.


I’m going to check this day everyday.


I played a scorpion who would spam the FP,FP,FP target combo, then fail to cancel into spear, he’d also toss in a few random teleports and used his x-ray the second he got it. Anyway, I beat him in the second round by just dashing forward and sweeping, got it off about 5 times in a row. He sent me the following (Read bottom to top)


I sent some back asking “u mad?” etc. The final few messages were sent as he joined a KOTH room I was winning in, I guess he had the intention of beating me to prove a point? But he got flawlessed in the second round. The last message had me in stitches.


I’ve only gotten love mail, weird enough. People trying to add me and asking how I do my combos.
I think I’m just getting lucky.


Sort of unrelated, but what’s up with scrubs and their obsession with variety? I keep getting these messages about “Stop doing the same combo.” It’s the best combo, why would I do another combo? I had someone say that in a KOTH, they gave me a 6 because “You’re good, but you keep doing the same combo. I deducted four points for that, if you were wondering about my score.” (Real message)


I’m honestly not sure why people even still use Photobucket, but it’d be nice if you could rehost this at imgur.com so that we can actually view it.