What other players message you after you beat them?


Looks like we need one of these too.

After I gave this guy an Akira beatdown.



Is it necessary to use the poor fellow’s name?

I have a message from a certain Wolf player somewhere but I’d rather not post names.

The message says (sent after rage quitting on me):

do something different SHITTY ASS NOOB


It’s very necessary to use the poor fellows name. I expose salty bitches all day.


I’ve had nothing but GGs from other players. But I’m on the PS3, so I kind of expect that.


I had one today on PSN. A fairly high ranking Aio player. Got him 3-0 and he sends me messages about how I cant block for shit and what a noob I am. It was entertaining for a while. But when he said he was just there to “learn the game” it got kinda ridiculus. Sadly Im to lazy to look up his name now.

On a sidenote:
I met someone today on PSN with the name muslimslayer(and some numbers). I thought he’d be some COD dude whod spam me with unreasonable hate after I beat him. He was a pretty good lei-fei though…but honestly, who calls himself muslimslayer?
Oh and lianghuBBB, but he didnt say anything.


I ran into a compliment today, after I beat a guy with 2 perfects, I sent him something encouraging back and offered that maybe Lei wasn’t the best character for a newer player to start out with. He replied that he is not new and played VF5 all the time, and I just had the better of him.

I felt like an ass hole after that and apologized.


I had a pretty funny moment with the game on PSN a few days back, where – I can’t remember the guy’s name, but – some dude sent me a message with no subject line, and the body reading only, in all lower-case with no punctuation, “you brush your teeth with dicks”.

I didn’t recognize the name it came from, and the reason I didn’t turned out to be because I’ve never played him; he’s one of those guys whose disconnect rating is way up in the angry-faces somewhere, so I had never even tried selecting him in the lists or anything. Thus the only possible explanation for his sending the message is that he looked at the available players list on ranked mode, saw that I had a higher rank than he did, and got GRR PENIS TOOTHBRUSHES angry about it. So, yeah, I got a pretty good laugh out of that.


Funny, I’m playing this on 360, and got a few GG’s.
No hate.


I never get messages back really, the only messages I’ve sent out is GG and told a guy he disrespected me after I lost 3-2 to some guy with a good Aoi and started rapidly crouching to simulate tea-baggin over me hah


OK then. It was Wo1verine82 if I remember correctly.

I got another message from a Taka player (Za Fuuru) although I don’t really know if he was complaining about the conection or praising it (no lag on my side at least):

ridiculous connection, it was like playing a japanese


People can’t send messages of hate when they can’t see you on their players met :frowning:


No, but they can do it immediately after the match. So far, I’ve been lucky.


Oh yeah they can. No one’s messaged me :frowning: I need to be more rage inducing then.


People never sent me anything when I used Brad other than GG’s and compliments. I’ve been using Jeffry for the past two days, and playing very basic and moral and sometimes extremely turtley and lame and people hate losing to such basic easy tactics to them.


Even though it is pretty pathetic you spam these forums with this, and may need to waste your time other wise. I noticed you didn’t post your side of the conversation. Trying to hide something and make yourself look good perhaps?


I think we must create a new category for people who send obscene messages after they win. I got one from a Jean player that read:

te mato puta!

I think he meant: I killed you, bitch!

PS: I don’t know what’s with VF. I’d never gotten so many angry messages.


Due to msgs I am getting from forum users please, black out names or dont post them plz