"what other players msg you after you beat them" SF4 Edition


:bluu: or :bgrin:

Street Fighter 4: 244 pages of player feedback and over 6,000 posts. Mostly rage hahaha

onward toSUPER


this might be a good time to ask

if you use ps3 and don’t have a headset, how do you say ggs after playing someone? can you send an automated written message or something?


If you’re using a ps3 you can’t have a preset message, but you’d have to goto your XMB menu, goto players met, find them and send them the GGs in a message.

The most I’ve gotten was an exchange of GGs; though I went Cammy vs Cammy on this one guy and he messaged me “cammy b my women”. I laughed it off and replied with a GG.


Dude, tell me about it. I get a majority of shoto players and they just spam. Though out of the lot I do get some pretty sweet matches. Hopefully I bump into one of you guys. I’ll be playing my beloved Zangief!


Nothin’ yet, almost a shame really.


after owning some scrubby turtle guile with tick throws i got a

“first cheese player in 100 games. nice”


i texted him back “u mad” , cuz i’m sure he was pissing losing like 96 points at his then 2k bp rating to my then 600 bp


Something along the lines of:

“Throws are cheap. If you wanna play cheap like that you are playing the wrong game, and various other obscenities.”


i will never recieve something like that … but thats because i wont win a match :rofl:


I send a “you suck” to everyone i play whether i win or lose. a lot of the time i get some fags from here saying “i go to srk u suck” lawl


I played this guy wavera, beat him a few times then he sent me a message saying I’m queer cuz I had to leave. Told him “sounds like your pussy is bleeding,” now that I think on it I shouldve just ignored his scrubass…


I got called a bitch because I grabbed some guy to death. Mind you, this asshole was turling the whole match.

Christ, I hope this game doesn’t turn into a turtle fest like CvS2. His turtling with Sagat was somewhat effective.


so far only got one.

from a dude that had a 1 bar latency connection, and was laging like hell. still i managed to pwn his ass.

and then he messaged me: Lag much noob ?



On xbl all I play is Kens who drop after one loss. :frowning:

I’ve never been so excited to see Sagats and Akumas before.


I played against a Viper player the other day and he said I had a good Cammy. I replied by saying I hope he gets better with Viper. He was a beginner with Viper, but he was cool.


I’m very happy to report that all the messages I’ve seen have been GGs and “Nice (insert character here)”

I think the others are too busy raging to take the time to send a message.


ive had some ppl adding me to friends list too (and ive add some aswel). nice ppl. the other day played around 20 matches with the same dude. lots of fun.

once again…among the morons some cool ppl appear aswel


“ur a faggot with g ur grabs u obese bitch get a life and learn how to play fair u fat peece of shit”


I havent gotten anything negative. One guy voice messaged me something about light punches or something and not learning combos but didnt really know what he was talking about. most others just GGs and stuff. If I get killed i usally just add ppl as a friend. hah.


I sent “be a man” after the same guy dropped 3 times in best of 5, i only won 2 rounds each time didnt even get to the 3rd round

they need to do something about quiters sucks so much


I don’t win A LOT of matches (I won like 22 ranked fights out of 60?), but when I do I usually get “GGs” or the occasional friend requests. Is it me or does everyone and their mother use Sagat online? lol…