What partners does Marrow benefit from


besides the typical ones everybody else can/do use (AAA’s, drones, rocks, t. bonne), she really needs somebody who dishes damage. her super does well against assists, but against the point character, it does around decent. but if you add sent proj. or something, then they’d be hurting so bad.

I’ve been having fun with doom AAA and cyke AAA. massive chip from doom and you can connect bone burst in air combos with the help of cyke. just call him out at the same time that you launch, lp., lk, qcb lp.+hp. cykes beam shot from the upper-cut keeps the opponent in hit stun long enough for bone burst to connect consistently.

I’m pretty confident saying that the best Marrow team is Marrow/Storm/Doom.

1st, Bone Burst is already comboable in an aircombo, right after sj.mk, not difficult. However, the opponent lands before you and can launch/hit you before you can block, so you would only do that combo if you’re going to DHC.

2nd, there aren’t many DHCs that connect after Bone Burst, Hailstorm being the only top-tier DHC that works. That’s why Storm is 2nd.

3rd, Doom is for chip. This is the same strat you would expect from Cyke/Doom. SJ and whiff a lot of HPs, use DJ to cover your landing, when you have a meter, drop Doom and Bone Burst for an impressive amount of chip damage no matter where they are. Also, marrow is pretty good at dropping doom and getting on the other side of the opponent for free chip. Also, Doom-B builds a crazy amount of meter when it hits, meaning more Bone Bursts and more chip.

Last, this has got to be one of the simplest team in the whole game to play. You don’t really have to make any adjustments for any teams. Even if they pick an assist that counters Doom, it will just get caught in Bone Burst if they call it.

DeathFromAbove: that’s a pretty good team, actually. i never thought of anything like that. good coverage from both assists and compliment marrow pretty nicely. only somewhat drawback is if/when marrow dies, but storm can handle herself quite nicely on her own.

BusuB: i’m not too sure, but i think you can just launch & assist sj. fp and then bone burst. i do that combo with sonson AAA. cyke’s a great assist, but sonson’s just hurts more… i think.

I got Capcom as 2nd assist with marrow on point. The AAA OTG’s so you can go for marrows sweep+assist xx bonerang -> super

As far as DHC’s, hailstorm is good, so is Proton Cannon.

i forgot to add that with the cyke assist, you can connect with marrows lp. command throw in the corner pretty consistently. i agree with storm being a great assist for marrow, but bone burst needs to be buffered in too perfectly to connect off of mk. especially hard to do with quick recovery characters like sent. i also dig the fact that cykes AAA is a threat to other flying characters. runaway storms are a bitch for marrow. if you can consistently keep flying characters grounded, storm is great, but for lower end players like myself, you really need an AAA that reaches to the top of the screen, and the high priority for interrupts just cannot be ignored with cyke.

cykes df+hk love…:stuck_out_tongue:

tell me if i’m wrong, but can’t you safely DHC into mega optic blast from bone burst too?

:confused: It’s really easy. Just 1,2,3,4 XX Bone Burst. The only thing tricky about it is that you can’t immediately DHC. If you do, the bones DON’T keep going during the screen freeze like most projectiles do, and it won’t hit. You can still DHC by waiting until you see the first bones hit, and then DHCing.

No, MOB doesn’t connect afterward. SOB does, but it does a pitiful amount of damage for some unknown reason.

If you experiment with the timing and the height/distance of the opponent a little, it gets less and less easy… You can get it to work consistently, but you do have to get the timing down.

Marrow/Storm/Sent not bad, but Doom is a little better for Marrow.

Marrow/Strider/Doom to hit assists and DHC into orbs.

Marrow DHCs from air combo: Hulk, CapCom, Storm, BH, Spider-Man, Cammy…

Good DHCs for assist killing: Storm, Sent, Juggernaut (not safe), IM (ditto, depending on distance), BBH (ditto), Blackheart (depending on character), etc.

Re: …

I think you meant less & less difficult.

It’s easier than Grav->Tempest combos, but it does require you to actually buffer the motion, which I suppose makes it harder than some aircombos.

you can also DHC Tronne Bonne qcb pp super, super servebot the hammer the first upswing will catch them after the last bone on bone burst hits going down this works in the air and on the ground


As silly as it sounds one of my casual team has been shutting everyone out better than my sent’s fast fly and mag’s triangle jumping, of course that leaves room for people not figuring out how to play against the team. dashing in with marrow with 3 hits (+spiral on the first hit) then jumping away with either bonerangs while in the air does great chip, the jp bonerang will keep them from jumping away from spiral. other than chip I spam the hell out of her air super, especially when they call out an assist. the super easily stops just about everything, even cable’s tkhvb gets shut down as the beam doesn’t stop any of the bones, you win out in damage everytime.
i try never to use her as an assist, bring in ruby heart and spam out c.rh+spiral and qcf+k, or dash in fp+spiral

either way the team revolves around spiral’s chip dmg and marrow’s air super