What People Message You After You Beat Them - TTT2 Edition

Surprise a thread like this isn’t made yet. Here everyone can post any hate/salty/scrub ect. mail or any comments they made after their ass whooping in a match.

So this inspire me to make this thread as few players, who invited me to a private lobby, were impress with my Yoshimitsu. Things went all right until everyone realized that they were loosing too much from me and next thing I know everybody was pissed off. From the comments I had apparently Yoshimitsu is broken due to his u/f+3 and b+2,2. After few more loss I made everyone quit playing as they all lost motivation to play. I’m still surprise they kept me on their friend list

May not be the greatest story but hopefully everyone provide better one :slight_smile:

Someone called me an “angelic fag” after dominating with Angel alone.

It was hilarious to hear over mic.


LOL. That was the message?

That was the message Rip got yesterday after beating some random guy.

So far:

“Youre so good at this game”- (Itz Try Hard xD)

Apparently people hate low attacks from Asuka… Block or parry?

Well he has a point, Asuka is very well known for spa-
Nah he’s just an idiot

6:20 i get the message. Played a guy 2x trying to spam kaz spin kick what ever. gave me a chance to try diffrent things to find out what with jun stuffs it…its a ugly match and i start spamming back as Juns Back3…cold stuffs it

Edit…accidentally mixed this video with 20+ other i was deleting, you will live you missed nothing worth watching, except me being called a fag

I understand you were at 3 bars but that’s one of the easiest high-low strings to block in the entire game and the last hit I believe is like -18 on block.

i Knew it was coming but the game would not respond, when shifting to block the high …Sad part just like you i can see it cominga mile away. she just would not stand from Down back and realized he was gonna try it all match so each time i eat it< its me trying another button to see if it stuffs it.

He got da Lucky Star torrents on da scene

its cool like you said offline should be no problem to just block low then stand, but for online i now know B+3 jun stuffs it and can combo off it , was a win win but ugly match, i have a feeling the guys still out there with kaz spinning out wins under lagg conditions

Haven’t really had much hate mail. I just got through playing a ranked match and I beat the guy. However I got a message “Failure to update server data” or something like that afterwards. I can only assume this means the guy pulled his plug after he lost. So I sent him a message “Pulled Plug? Poor baby.” If I’m wrong then I’m a total dick. :slight_smile:

That was hideous to watch on both ends. He would’ve gotten sweet Low parries to the face.

my low parries are under construction, yes it was hideous to watch, but pretty quick i saw he was just gonna repeat it over and over. so i kept trying diffrent things to see if it beat it, so i keep eating shit over and over…in the end i learned a b+3 or a low parry or need to see if Juns b+1+2 would counter it…with jun n training i had heichi recorded to keep doing low kicks and her b+1+2 stance change parrys/counter his lows… keep wishing juns b+1+3 counter would work on lars power shit…

EDIT was cleaning out my videos of garbage and erased them matchs with 20 others , goodriddince

Played ranked at a friend’s house. I only play solo Leo.
So what this dude I run into does is just try and get a hit confirm off of me by smacking the light punch button with Paul or something. Leo has like… 2 different kinds of counters, so I use them to my advantage. I get the counter where Leo grabs the opponent then pushes them behind her with their back turned. When he tries to turn back around to hit me, I baited him out then landed the counter on him again. This caused him to… rage quit. He fell for the counter every time which apparently caused him to get upset.
And so the hate comes.
"Your Leo is bad spammin counters everywhere mine is better anyway"
Didn’t bother replying, but my friend did. Not sure what he said though. I love this game so much, but the people who play it are so garbage…

the problem with the counters is im addicted to trying to counter everything anytime i play so i can do it on natural instinct ,with jun its brought me a alot of ass beatings

I see. So I’m not the only one? Lol. Great to know.

I’m always sending hate mail :rofl: