What people message you online, KOF XIII Edition

If you know how this works, post away. And if you don’t, just put up any funny/raging/unusual messages you get playing KOF online.

I’ll start:
In response to my Athena, he goes in and starts fireballing all day with Takuma.

“see how that is i can do fireballs all day too.”


“GGs” and nothing but so far, almost like this community is friendly or something…

GG, nice game, etc, etc.

So far, I’ve only gotten a few “That was really close” messages, as well as rematch requests. I even had one guy encourage me to stick with the game and that I “had potential”.

This community is so fucking weird, I don’t get it.

I really hate Athena players, so I agree with that dude.

Not much in the way of hate mail. I usually drop if it’s laggy as shit in the 1st round.

“jajajajajaj ez kid.” Some dude, laggy as shit using Clark.

“FUCK YOU BITCH” some guy I kicked from my room when he had Yellow ping and I set the latency to Green.

“killer kula”
“nice zoning”

only 3 messages i got since i barely play this online

In response to waiting for the idiot to rush at me and using a uppercut or flip kick special to knock him back then watch him rush at me all over again. Guess he never heard of faints, fireballs, rolling, etc.


Please dont tell me he actually said that in all caps.

Afraid so.

Well, I had 3 rage quits last night. And one was against a guy far better ranked than myself, who had around 150+ wins and 90+ defeats, while I’m still around about 10+ wins and 20+ defeats. Really pissed me off, I was about to OCV him with Yuri, too.

I can understand that guy’s rage. I’m not saying he’s right for raging at you. But keep in mind that there’s a shit load of dudes online picking shoto characters, running away, and spamming projectiles like it’s SF4. A lot of people just do not like runaway, and when they’re trying to get used to the mechanics of a game that’s brand new to them and don’t yet know what beats what and etcetera it could really piss them off.

Kinda’ on topic: Played a guy last night. He’s really bad, but to be fair I had Billy on 1st and I took out his 2 characters with no problems. His 3rd comes up and I just want to give it to him so I can bring out Clark as my 2nd and experiment with him and unlock more colors. So against his 3rd (Mature) I just did jump CD with Billy the entire time… This did about 50% damage to this dude and keep in mind that Billy’s jump CD is nothing too special. After he finally killed Billy, My Clark comes out and he rage quits. I didn’t get a message though.

I agree w/ the frustration. Fireballs in this game are a lot harder to get around campared to past kof’s (buffering a little stricter). Problem was I was using Benimaru, Kim and when I use a fireball character I don’t spam. I mostly use fireballs to make the opponent move and this guy had no problems in moving. He was mad cause when you rush in w/o thinking you are really predictable. However if you rush in on a person who is rushing haphazardously the cautious person will usually lose out. He wanted me to do this and when I realizes what he was doing I just let him act like a fool and rush blindly in.

The community is pretty nice, so far nothing but GGs. Its not like the SF4 commnunity at all.

This game is basically scrub repellent so I highly doubt that a lot of hate mail will be given.

Sadly, that’s not good for increasing sales number and being more popular…

Being more popular? US isn’t the only country in the world you know.

Demon Souls is an RPG with 0 marketing and reached the “greates hits” status on ps3, nice gameplay for the hardcore rpg players who likes difficult games made the deal, the same happens with minecraft (but in a different envirionment), a lot of players on the market likes hardcode games with a decent/high skillfloor, being more popular =/= good game.

You do realize that the games you mentioned are not fighting games, right? and I don’t know why you mentioned US, but w/e.
A fighting game like KoF13 needs more and more people to survive for long time, even though some people are scrubs / BMs. RPG game can be played in solo environment for long time. However, fighting games need a big community to survive because of lack of single player contents compared to hit RPG games.

If KoF13 is really a scrub repellent game, then its difficulty won’t be much help to make it’s community bigger in the long run. The high difficulty would only force scrubs to find easier games to start with such as SSF4 or MvC3. In addition, people who enjoy multi-player games tend to play games which have bigger player pools.

However, I don’t believe KoF13 is a scrub repellent game. People are just not used to KoF styles. I hope the game to survive and be one of the major fighting games in the future. Need patch on netcode asap first.

I think the fact that it is ‘scrub repellent’ will make it stand out in a sea full of ridiculous comeback mechanics and brain-dead bullshit.

Ya know, it’s not just pros and hardcore players who hate it when they work their ass off for a victory, then eat a Max-Damage Ultra or X-Factor Lv.3 infinite and have victory handed to their competitor just because they got one good read on them. Sure, KOFXIII has comeback mechanics as well, such as building more meter from taking damage and getting access to more meter as you lose characters, but you still have to work for that comeback.

I mean, I sure as hell ain’t no pro and I ain’t an ‘elite gamer’ or anything special really. I’d consider myself barely above scrub, if that. Even so, I prefer KOFXIII leaps and bounds over other fighters, because I know if I got beat, it’s because the player was legitimately better than me.

You are right, i was just giving an example of how some cases can happen under certain conditions, i think this game can be friendly with new players but people focuses to much on the trial mode :confused: