"What people msg you after you beat them" MvC2 edition

Because it is funny.

“not every1 can b jwong” after button mashing with MSP in a match :rofl:

I get A LOT of rage quitters.
“Africanmadman” was the most recent.

Nothing…yet =D

yeah same here nothing. yet. alot of nice noobs out there. I just
hate the really cocky ones.

Nothing yet, although I’ve been wanting to message people who do nothing but pick shoto characters and spam Hadoken while backing up. If you’re a noob, at least do like me and semi-button mash and make it interesting.

DarkHayabusaXI Messaged me with a ragequit saying i cheated to win. Punk ass ragequitter.

The1liono got mad when i called him out on a ranked match ragequit and told me to fuck off. what a bitch.

i got dropped on by ralph1987 the number 4 guy right now from new york.

Dude warped all over the place and killed me once no big deal, next match same thing happens and I rape him and he drops.

Glitch333 is a pullin bitch

My favorite was a guy who was about to get perfected . He rage quit which a lot of people were doing this mourning,

he writes - “U have no life” , I just write LOL back and he replys with "your poor you dont even have a mic " Id made me laugh.

Seems like I got noob after noob then a little bit of decent players , then finally found someone better. but it seems they are few and far between,

Im tired of running into Street Fighter characters teamed up with Wolverine and random x-men lol.

I was happy though I ALMOST beat a guy with Serv , Roll and Dan team . After I win a round with that team IM going to try and do Rollx3 :slight_smile:

stop using strider/doom on them dude!


I OCVed this one guy with my Storm and he replied “fight stick?” and I replied with “nope, fightpad” haha. He had a solid team, Mag/Cable/forgot who else but yeah lol he then said “GG, i gota get one of those to play well.”

I pulled off a 100% on someone with the mags air combo, hyper grav xx tempest, OTG lk, c.fp, repeat air combo hyper grav xx tempest, he sent me “cheap ass shit noob learn to play”

Nothing so far. Not even one ragequitter. I’ve been OCVing bitches with Storm and Tron assist though.

HAHAHA someone ragequit after i got him in the IM inf at the start of the match lol

I got called a faggot for an OCV with Rogue. Then I was told to pick a character that required skill, by the same rage quitter.

I have received no messages

I’ve had my sexual orientation challenged already. There’s a lot of rage quitters here. More so than I’ve encountered in sf4. It seems to mostly happen when I corner them with mechagief. :slight_smile:

I’ve been quit on a few times already, no messages yet. I tried to bait one out of the first ragequitter, but he didn’t bite. Blind panda 27 or something like that.

Hahaha, are you guys surprised at the amount/difference of ragequitters between this and SF4? MVC2 is a totally different beast. That being said, I want to use Team Shoto against a couple of scrubs at least once before I switch to a more serious team.