"What people msg you after you beat them" MvC3 edition


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Yea the title isn’t creative, but its been around for awhile already so w/e.

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I can’t wait for this. Already thinking of the cheapest shit possible to get that hate mail.


This came in today from a guy called kitsune86:

“Wesker is the magneto juggling in the air”

In response to “huh?”, he/she wrote “MVC2s magneto could air juggle easily it seems wesker can”

I responded “Not even close.”

LOL, Wesker = MvC2’s Magneto


“WOW, it’s not MvC2 scrub!” - After losing to MSS.
“Omg Dante ******” - After losing to a Dante using 37 of his 40 moves.
“Lol” - After losing to Joe, Deadpool, Arthur.


we may as well rename this thread to the ‘fuck arthur’ thread i reckon.


LoL, Arthur and Modok.


“your modam is so pretty”


Guide menu>submit player review> Avoid player



I don’t know what you’re talking about. That is a player that clearly knows how to get in another player’s head and should be sparred with often. :smiley:


And Dormmamu.


would you want that person inside your head though…?


the man has a point!


F arthur…


I had a rage quitter, LOL. Its funny because they prolly dont know what happens to them in this game.




After I beat this kid 4 times in a row on ranked he sends me hate mail. I couldn’t out combo him so I sat back and spammed web ball, unibeam for 4 str8 matches…

HIM: lol, you are the biggest pussy in the world. You got scared shitless after I whooped you ass with those combos. Most insipid player ever!


HIM: No I’m not mad, its just a game

True story.


The mad was in this one. No hiding it.


Got this after taking a guy down a peg with Arthur’s multitudinous weapons barrage:


All of my hate mail so far relates to xfactor 3 sentinel shenanigans. Three so far:

“bitch move”
“nice moves pussy”
“can’t stand cheesy ****** sentinel players”

The hate for mango sent is strong.


I tend to send people encouraging messages if I win. I did this throughout my time with SSF4 whenever someone had a hard time playing against me. Just today I got one from an MvC3 player thanking me for not ragequitting even though I was severely outmatched. I wish more people were that positive.