"What people msg you after you beat them" - NEW for UMvC3


UMvC3 is out today, so it’s only right that there be a new thread that deals with the new sodium creating characters and tactics that accompany the release.

Wonder which of the new characters is going to generate the most salt online. I’d bet on RR, but who knows, vergil might be more rage inducing than sentinel in the end.

An actual conversation with a self proclaimed "tournament player"

Yesterday “nice jumping h spam” referring to my haggar wrecking his whole team


lol. they cant even be mad. its Haggar for crying out loud

edit: Something about beating someone with a piledriver just feels really freaking manly.


hes actually decent now that he has an otg…hes not the best but hes alot better then he was before especially with hawkeye arrows backing him up


i have to see what he can do with with otg. My team cant really do anything after it though from what i noticed, but maybe i’m just being dumb with my inputs.


Someone called me a n**** for rolling through their super with Frank, made my day.


I got left an angry XBL voice message because Phoenix Wright strutted through a team combination super just not giving a fuck. People are going to be mad till they figure out what supers are unsafe vs the new characters it seems.


I have a feeling my Nemesis will get plenty of hate mail in a not so distant future. I will keep you guys posted LOL


Haggar < Nemesis

Nemesis seems like a stronger version of Haggar AND he has a projectile for decent keepaway


Lostxaidemn: u win but honestly stop jerking off to much?! i know someone who rapes tryhards like urself. i know its a joystick that ur playing if u don’t get the joke reality loser.

my response: k

he had ironman/dante/sent and didn’t know what the hell he was doing…i was just playing the game while he was mashing sent armor moves to get a hit…BUUUUUUT I GUESS THAT MAKES ME A TRY HARD.


Literally first match against a random I get a hate mail

“fuck you you fucking cheap fuck”

all I said back was “thanks gg”


nice try spammer


Inb4IbringsaltymessagestomorrowsinceIwillhaveUMVC3… Yup, expect something tomorrow.


u play ghost rider like a bitch


Since I’ve owned a PS3 and 360 I’ve only gotten 2 pieces of hate mail. One for MvC2 and one for SSFIV.

Kinda sad. I embrace the hate. :frowning:


I have an odd feeling some of you send messages to people to make them saltier.
I’ve met my fair share of idiots who think sending “omg u suck” after a loss will cause me to send something insulting back, or anything at all for that matter. Hell i have no problem, im aiming for record of longest block list on the psn anyhow.


“fucking scrub.”

whelp that didn’t take long. :lol:


i just sent some lol to some dude that just ran away from me for 50 seconds and won becuase final character had low hp

this game is goofy i am not sure if i’m gonna stick with it, it is fun no doubt but it seems too random and fast paced for people to be able to react to stuff, maybe i will move on to kof13 instead shrug




“Fuck you Wesker”

Love people hating me because of Wesker