What Plastic Are Buttons Made Of?

Specifically wondering about Sanwa plungers. I would guess ABS, but maybe someone knows exactly?


PVC piping and most joystick and tower computer cases are ABS.

Don’t know about the buttons. Obviously, they’re not styrene derivates like most coffee/drinking water cups and plastic models are. They’re tougher than that.

Why would anyone want to know? Somebody thinking of counterfeiting Sanwas? It’s not like clones and bootlegs haven’t been done already!

PVC isn’t ABS – those are two very different plastics. And, if I weren’t clear, I meant arcade pushbuttons.

I want to know because I want to try out some random stuff with modifying buttons and knowing what the plastic is will give me a good basis as to what techniques may or may not work. Also, I could prototype on some sacrificial test material instead of wasting good buttons.

@cammy-white: lol, thank you.

I was just being a smartass, Haha couldn’t resist that.