What platform has the biggest community?

i was wondering how large are the console communities compared to pc?
cuz right now im playing on pc and im fighting the same people almost every day

maybe you should get a console breh

X-band on SNES. WE IN THERE!

Save you the trouble, I was told Xbox. * for multiple reasons*. Don’t mind the trolls on the site.

As a PC user, there is no question that the Xbox360 has the largest community. PS3 is 2nd.

Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if the 3DS has a larger community than the PC. That being said, the PC isn’t exactly hurting for players, it is fairly well populated even if it isn’t up to the standards of the 360/PS3 and for the most part games are much smoother online on PC than 360. Even coast to coast USA gameplay is PRETTY good.


It just takes time for the PC community to grow. I remember back in Vanilla the PC community was very much hype. You could find matches everywhere. It’s different now, with people using PS3 and Xbox360 for so long.

But it’ll take time…plus the hype from AE was nowhere near as populated as Vanilla

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