What Potential Fighting Game Characters Haven't Been Used Yet


We think fighting games have covered every criteria of life. From wrestlers (Zangief), Kung Fu parodies (Fei Long), to samurais (Hoahmaru), to god knows how many ninjas. Still there are some fighters that I’ve thought of that haven’t been used yet and they are:

-Beatniks Snap Finger Wave

-Construction Worker DYNAMITE BLAST!!! :lol:

-Bank Teller Credit Card!!!

-Photographer Flash Beam!!!

-Hippie Yoga Weed Smoke!!! :lol:

-Siamese Twins (They could have 2 separate lifebars. :p)

ADD MORE, and make it plausible please. :slight_smile:


Ran from Project Justice


In a goooood fihgting game…Clowns…

A guy with a PAINTBALL gun…


I say a big giant robot - “DESTROY” “ROCKET PUNCH”


Astronaut: cr.lk, cr.lk xx Lvl3 Apollo 13

Scottish log thrower guy

English fisherman


Lion Tamer


A swarm of locusts



a Gigantic WANG



Thats alittle homosexual…o_O.

Phone operator- “Smooth operatahhh!”

And Justin Wong- uhh prolly “tempest”?


I always thought it would be awesome if Christopher Reeves joined the cast of Street Fighter…


A drunken irishman who fights with irish boxing.
i’d love to see that. breaks a bottle on a counter and fights with it.


Oh i got another one. how about a crazed french baker who fights with food and crap, lol that be weird.

but has anyone here heard of this game on jaguar called ULTRA VORTEX where they have a bunch of crazy ass characters and there is fatalities too? fuckin weird. i think one of them is a hot dog.




Groove On Fight - Otane and Ukeme (?) are both bound together to e/o’s backs.





Yeah, an astronaut or an athelete (caber toss, shot put, whatever)

Actually, that would be cool, but probably unworkable without polygons.

I suppose Batman and his belt would fit well… How about an aboriginal guy?

There was a thread where I mentioned an underwater game and all the possibilities it presented.


Warren, Power/Deadly Moves (SNES/Gen)


hasn’t batman been in a fighting game before? i remember a dc fighting game on the snes and i thing he was in it. yeah i remember now. it was called justice league task force, it had all of the justice league characters, and yes batman was in it. batman would look awesome in a capcom style fighting game.

and so would CARNAGE!!! I want to see carnage in a capcom game


Aboriginal? C’mon, we got T. Hawk, Chief Axe-guy from KI, Chief big guy from Power Stone, Julia/Michelle/next-of-kin Chang from Tekken, and more.

The swarm of locusts had me laughing! :smiley:

Y’know what ya haven’t seen in a fighting game? A PORTUGUESE guy. He’d throw, oh, I dunno, codfish or cleaning ladies or sumthin’…


elena = quasi-aborigini


yeah games are very STEREOTYPICAL when it comes to indian fighters, and you forgot the one from MK



Hmm…how about a 6 foot tall man-eating vagina? They could fight for a bit…then fall in love.