What pro players are playing on xbox live?

I hear that alot of the pros play here on xbox live. If so i would to know some of there gamertags just to try and watch some of there online stuff. I also noticed that the comp is way more fierce on xbox live then on the ps3. Well at least i think so anywho.
Add me for some endless battles Redcomet831

there are actually quite a few pro players that play online… I know that Daigo Umehara plays on Xbox live under the gamertag “gameinn” and I’m aware that he plays that top japanese heavyweights on XBOX live to practice his match-ups. I’m pretty sure Justin Wong and Gootecks and other such players have online accounts as well, I’m just not sure what their gamertags or PSN are.

Mago2dgod. I watched a vid of his last night. He got beat by a really good Guile player.

i dunno if they are considered “pros”. but i randomly caught some Live games with chris hu, Sabre, Fubarduck and Flash Metroid. they are all beasts

Daigo - gameinn
Mago - mago2dgod
Infiltration - bbman360
Tokido - tokido77

There’s others, but at the top of my head, i can’t think of them.

gamerbees adon is on xbox.

Sabin is on Xbox also

Heres Juicebox running a train on a bunch of us in endless

Duh, that’s right.

GT is: GamerBee

I know, completely unexpected right?

keike desora and pikachu akuma