What purpose should the timer serve?


People seem to hate timeouts, SFxT gets ripped apart for the frequent timeouts this much is clear. So why then does the timer need to exist in a console fighting game? Obviously arcade cabinets had timers in place to stop people dicking around and taking up too much time on the cabinet, understandable. Are timers in games just an unnecessary throwback to this? Or do you think there’s a point where a timeout legitimately needs to occur due to the way two people are playing? Should the timer always be somewhat of a concern (e.g how SFxT is now) or should it only interject if people are quite obviously screwing around and not attempting to play properly?


to force the state of the match to move forward by forcing the losing player to attack, but not be such a pressing concern that you have to play poorly.


So that the match does not last half an hour.


What game does this though, I can’t really say SFIV ever made me feel like I needed to attack when down on life due to fear of a timeout. SFxT seems closer to what you described and everyone hates the timer in that.



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Why not?

Why can’t the clock be a pressing concern? Why shouldn’t time management be a part of the skill set you need to win a particular fighting game?

SFxT is a 2v2 tag game. Two life bars to deal with. If you want to win you have to take that into account. And, I see nothing wrong with that.

The clock actually introduces new strategies:
a) burning meter to extend combos that don’t do much damage, but burn down the clock or perhaps give you better positioning.
b) switching characters to regain red life in anticipation of the time over
c) refraining from tagging IN a character who has a lot of grey life to recover in anticipation of the time over…even if that character might have a greater damage potential on point.

These moments of a fight are actually very tense and exciting for the players. They can even be exciting for the audience in some cases, when someone who’s trying to play lame gets edged out at the last second (it’s happened on some streams, and the audience involvement is audible).

But, hey, it’s different from what we’re used to in most fighting games, so let’s call it a “problem”.


uh, all of them? apparently you arent playing people who are very patient? take something like balrog vs dhalsim, dhalsim has the life lead. trying to get in is risky for rog, and suicide for dhalsim. it’s a total stalement situation without the timer.


because it’s not fun. time out wins are boring and the game is more interesting when players have time to play at their best, rather than being forced to be reckless.

you’re welcome to disagree, but i think most people would agree with me.


This statement say a lot more about the level of players that you play against than you seem to know.
And as someone beat me to, the answer is all of them, the only reason someone wouldn’t be used to this fact is if they were playing in very low level competition.

Just like it wasn’t plausible to use gems in tournaments, the exclusion of a timer would be so damaging to a game that it could be excluded from tournaments for that reason alone, despite how good of a game it is.


Can’t have a thread about timers without this: [media=youtube]MXbVW0KQTkw[/media]

I guess this might as well go with it. http://mizuumi.net/2010/11/10/immaterial-and-missing-power-the-problems-with-iamp/


It’s also not guaranteed.

You can literally win fights in SFxT in 20 seconds, even with the two life bars.

It really depends on your playstyle and character selection…as well as if your opponent is tagging often. And, if they’re tagging often, they’re either hitting you a lot or burning a lot of meter…two things that are preventable/punishable.


yes, if youre the one who’ll win when time runs out then the timer isn’t a concern to you! excellent point!


Play more Raven so time outs stop happening.


Sagat, guile, dhalsim and other spacers is why…

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Super Turbo

(skip to 1:37)

ST’s timer is undeniably faster than SFxT’s but you rarely see time out wins in ST. That’s because the damage is so high that rounds can be over in a few seconds.

SFxT has too much turtling. Not to mention that the game is 2v2. More life, longer rounds.


You forgot the scaling too by the time you do the 6th hit in a combo in sfxt your down to 40% of the damage output that attack would do.


i’ve pointed this topic out back when srk had personal blogs. games with timers and low damage, or fast timers have a tendency to force a change in how people play i.e. more recklessly. having timer removed may allow players to play optimally such as IaMP… though understandably it could put a lot of players off due to slow pacing…


This. Gotta make them quarters somehow.


So far this is the most logical reason I could think of.


Oh god. Don’t tell me that now we have people complaining about the timers and time outs.