What puts Yun at the top of the list...or is Ken there?

ummm hey guys i was just wondering, alot of people say yun is #1 on the tier list. And some people say Ken. Whos the real #1? is Yun a slightly better character than ken? or is it the opposite? please, i would really like to know.:pleased:

there is no true number 1 the tier is just chun,yun,ken or rock paper sisscors if you perfer that concept

ok thats bullshit yun is number one cause he skateboards and wears a hat

I find that in terms of the way they match up to other characters, Yun is often more deadly.
Some characters literally just can’t do shit against geneii-jin.

With Chun and Ken you can still try your shit and whatnot, but with Yun, you’re just avoiding Geneii Jin combos all the time.

Too much damage power off of too short a bar. That’s basically it.

yea yun pwns big time, and thats why hes my fav. some n00bs complain when i pick him and ask why dont i use someone else? my answer to this is simple, 1, besides yang, yun is the only other character in the game who uses kung fu and we all know that is the grandaddy of all martial atrs 2, hes a skater that fights w/ a hat. and 3, genie jin is too f**kn good. and imo hes the coolest character in tha game.

Lol, except that his Kung Fu has nothing to do with actual Kung Fu.
He is fun to use, but you don’t really need to actually outthink your opponent to win with him, and I think that kind of sucks.
It doesn’t matter how smart the other person is playing or how dumb you are during the match, once you get geneii jin on, the other person is on the defensive, and the thing is, good Yun players have it on almost all the time.

Complaining about someone’s character choice is lame, but you do have to recognize the fact that he is indeed very broken. Many characters have like almost 0 chance against him.

Genei Jin owns all

i dont understand all this whining about GJ. if you’re a smart player, GJ won’t be a big deal.

yun is an overrated pussy.

Yun is a pretty decent character, but aside from his super he’s probably like mid or high-mid tier; the only thing that makes him top tier is Genei Jin. I mean, it was pretty stupid of Capcom, making that kind of super have such a small bar, letting the individual hits still do sizeable damage, letting him combo into it and out of it, giving each hit of it super-like priority, and not even making it give more than a regular hit’s worth of meter to the opponent. But whatever, what’s done is done, and there’s no use in complaining about it. If you’re playing against Yun, you just have to recognize that for half the match, your opponent will have the offensive advantage by a huge amount, and you have to plan accordingly.

By the way, the real tier list is

Genei Jin



Yang > Geneijinless Yun

i beat down niggas with you hou get @ me

Genei-Jin is destructive…it really is…thats what really powers and moves Yun. For Chun I would argue she is #2 and real close to Yun because of Kara/SA2 mixup ALL FUCKING DAY…so hard to stop.


Yun is the undisputed #1 top tier character int he game period. Thoughs who disagree would do well to remember the only guy that beat daigo at evo 2 years in a row used yun, theres just no way around gj. I think LakeEarth was bang on with his comment.

This thread was so much better before you started talking.

And even then, it wasn’t that good.

Yun’s #1. I don’t even know how this is up for debate.

the tier list is yun, chun, ken

yun beats chun, and more than often ken
chun beats ken (ken has to work hard to get in)
ken has to play smart vs yun and chun

this rocks paper scissor shit is all good and dandy in theory fighter, but when it comes to actual matches, this is what happens

also i really disagree on people saying he is braindead, he actually is a really tough character to play, if he was so easy, why arn’t there more yuns in the US raping? it’s mostly ken nation here. there are many, many shitty yuns out there, for the people who say he is braindead, actually PICK HIM UP and try to get a couple wins off decent people

Yun is hard as fuck to play against, but never do I think people who use him are brain dead. That judgment is reserved for Magneto players who don’t even remember how they win matches afterward.

lol you guys complain about yun having a short bar, but do u want to eat a longer genei jin combo?