What quality paper do you guys use for arcade stick art?

Hi, I’m trying to find some good paper to use for joystick art.

I’ve tried regular printer paper. It rips easily and gets the easiest bends when applying buttons.
Glossy has the ink bleeding when pressure from your palms goes on top of the acrylic.

So what should I try asking for at Kinko’s? Is there a model number that I should know about?

Laser Paper or Laser Cardstock if you want it a bit thicker. Then get it Laminated or LamiLabled if you don’t want to use spray adhesive.

Do not use glossy or photo paper because it creates bubbles during lamination.

I don’t want a lamilabel as I don’t really need any adhesives.

If I laminate the art, how hard would it be to cut out button holes?

Thanks for the fast response btw. I plan to make a trip to Kinkos today.

Good to know! I used matte paper because it was the only thing I could find that was large enough at the time. I guess I got lucky that I couldn’t find photo paper or I would have used it.

Yeah lamination makes it look glossy anyway.

You should print then cut, then laminate and cut again. (so the laminate won’t peel off)

It’s easy to cut with some sciorrers or a exacto knife, just don’t cut your self.






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so…i NEED to get this printed at a kinkos? my trusty inkjet is bad for this job?

and the paper is matte? could i see a model number please?

I’m wanting to go transparent with my print. In fact some parts are completely 100% transparent, others 30-60%. Reason being is the image is going to rest on red oak which actually brings color to the image and highlights certain parts (was part of the plan) so what would be my best route for printing on something that isn’t going to be all glossy and take away from the transparency?

very helpful pictures I was wondering what kind of spray adhesive people are using

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Noontide, I like to use a cardstock that isn’t completely matte but definitely not photo-glossy. Something smooth with a slight sheen to it. If you go to kinkos they have sample books of their different papers that you can browse through. Just my personal preference.

It’s called Laser Cardstock.

It’s a little shiny but it is not gloss and won’t mess up your lamination.

Thats what I used and it turned out grrrrrrreat!

I use toilet paper.

Got pics of the final stick?

Waiting on Lizard Lick.

You can use your inkjet, just don’t use high gloss paper if you laminate. They make matte inkjet paper. There is an HP brand I believe.

You can print color onto a transparency. You’ll have to test it out to see how it looks (it’s meant to be lit from behind). But depending on the color of what’s behind it, it could work. Also if you’re only going to have a few spots that are transparent, you could use a white sheet of paper behind the transparency to brighten it up.

Art and office supply stores have all sorts of spray adhesive. Elmers and 3M make a ton of different kinds, most should work.

The sheen comes from the toner, which (when printed correctly) is layed on top of the paper. Just make sure you select a nice quality thickness paper, and if they know what they’re doing it will look good.

If you do it yourself, I’d go for a matt/semi-gloss paper of a good thickness. Something around 260-270 g/m2 is perfect. Anything thinner you may get waves through it.

Thank you so much for the advice. I’ve got some new ideas for my project now. Laser cardstock and the semigloss are what I’m looking into now. Guess I gotta make another trip tomorrow.

Oh, here’s my fuckup.


Thanks :smiley: