WHat r his match ups?

Can someone please tell me his match ups please


2:8 - Chun Li
3:7 - Yun
3.5:6.5 - Yang
4:6 - Ken, Elena
5:5 - Makoto, Dudley, Ryu
6:4 - Ibuki, Urien
6.5:3.5 - Akuma, Hugo
7:3 - Necro, Alex, Remy, Q, 12, Sean

why vs necro is 7-3??

Like Jinrai can u go into detail why he is at the advantage and then he is not with certain charcters.

owned …XD
please why oro vs necro is 7-3??

Oh, alright already! :arazz:

I’m not quite bored enough to go into depth on every matchup Oro has, so I’ll keep it brief. As in 2 sentences per character.

Chun-Li is a slut that outpokes virtually everything Oro has. Although Oro has a 100% stun combo on her, it’s not exactly easy to corner her without already using up your meter.

Yun has Genei Jin. Nuff said.

Yang, like his brother, is mostly immune to the chicken combo. He also has a nasty rushdown game.

Ken has a million and one ways to Shippu your ass, including on reaction to a whiffed poke. However, their poking games are about equal.

Elena outpokes Oro and can mix him up badly at close range. On the bright side, she’s one of the characters that the 100% stun combo works on.

Makoto is a random bitch, so keep your cool and play an in-and-out style. If she starts to rush you down and you have 75% of a single Yagyou stock, one lucky parry = dead Makoto.

Dudley isn’t someone I play against often. I do know that his EX MGB will whiff a crouching Oro, so work in a lot of crouching pokes like low Forward and low Fierce.

Ryu has nothing really special to watch out for. Just watch out for his Denjin setups or whatever.

I don’t know anything about fighting Ibuki. You tell me.

Urien can be a real whore with his standing Fierce and his juggle combos, so don’t jump unless you’re prepared to parry whatever he tosses out at you. Just turtle up and be careful with your own pokes; low Strong is your friend.

Akuma takes damage and stun like a little baby, but you still need to be careful about what you throw out. Be aware that he’ll run like a sissy with his teleports when you have Tengu active.

Hugo’s poking game can be shut down with Oro’s far Forward alone. He’s also forced to take damage when you push him to the corner with Yagyou Dama.

Necro’s pokes lose badly to Oro’s. He’s also more of a sucker for unblockables than many of the other characters.

Alex lacks the mobility to escape Oro’s pokes and Yagyou unblockables/Tengu pressure. Just watch out for EX elbows.

Once you get past Remy’s fireballs, he’ll be dizzy before you can say, “Roundhouse.” Be patient and look for an opening to get in and stun him.

Q will just sit in the corner against you, which is what you want. If he taunts anywhere near the corner and you’re within 3/4 of a screen away, it’s 100% stun time!

Twelve is Twelve. Like all of his matchups, it’s a war of patience.

Sean isn’t worth talking about. Treat him like Ken and he’s toast.

Is that better? If you search through the archives, you’ll find a post that recommends specific supers against each character. Find it, it’s there.

The shoryuken forums right ? just making sure cuz their r alot of different archives on diffeent sites.

Yes, I mean the Shoryuken Forums.

3S > Character Specific > Oro. Set your search to within the past two years. It’s not really all that much to look through.

As an avid Ibuki player (and my friend being a regular Oro player) it seems that Oro at times can have an advantage because of his ability to just simply end Ibuki with a close s.MP. She takes damage too quickly to get hit by that stuff. For Ibuki to win she has to take advantage of him before he gets bar. Once he does all it takes is 1 s.MP to make things difficult for her.

Their poking game IMO probably favors Oro. What gives Oro the advantage is that he ducks under Ibuki’s f+HK and s.LP (two of her main pokes for locking down) which means it’s not as easy for Ibuki to pressure Oro as it is for other characters. Luckily Ibuki can crouch under Oro’s s.HK and far s.MP. Oro’s s.MK can cause problems for Ibuki on the ground. Ibuki can still poke with s.MK and c.MK though which is not bad.

With that said…Oro has another advantage since he ducks under Ibuki’s EX Tsumuji (qcb+K) which is used in a lot of her combo strings. Meaning she has to get within a closer range to do damage compared to other characters and can’t quite put on the pressure she normally would against bigger characters. Oro also has a quick dash and a good EX uppercut so it’s easy for him to evade/beat TK’d SA1 setups. In some matches I’ve seen Ibuki players will use SA3 against Oro simply because her EX moves just aren’t going to get put to much use since he can duck under EX Tsumuji. Being a good anti-TK SA1 character doesn’t help either.

Damn…sucks that a good bit of my 3S vids got corrupted. One of the earlier ranbats had some good Ibuki vs. Oro play in it. I’d upload it for you guys if the file wasn’t all corrupted. Aruka’s Ibuki wins of course. :razz: