What rank is your T. Hawk and on what system?



hi all hawk players,
i was curious of your ranks with hawk as the titel says.

i myself am a B rank hawk player and i play on the xbox.
for me it is very hard to get to B+ with him.

i hope there are A ranked or even masters out there with hawk.

care to share?


B PS3. I was at 5k BP, but I’m currently at 4300. I seem to be running into an inordinate amount of Blanka’s, Dictator’s, Vega’s and Honda’s lately.


B rank, little under 7k bp, on Xbox. Hit the skids at around 7k. Been using him for about a month.


danmishima i can feel your pain.
i have a hard time too against those.
i just found out that vega is very bad against hawks cross up jump down hp.
use this a lot when your close and when he flipps away just jump after and command grab him with lp and continue.
this also works on guile.
his flash kick will get knocked down and since it’s a cross up his cr hp won’t work either.
i’ve detroyed a B+ ranked guile with this stategie.

keep it comming guys.


I hardly ever play ranked anymore, got 5000PP and managed to make it stay there while trying Hawk out in ranked a few times (since i don’t play ranked with him my BP is 1540 with Hawk, 5600 something with Vega). Pretty much maining Hawk now though.


B+ on about 11200. Also got a Honda on A and Dee Jay on B+ too - none of it makes me feel any good though about my game lol. Stopped playing ranked though with Hawk and only really take Blanka into ranked right now to get match up experience and try to understand a bit more about him seeming as he is Hawks main horror show. I especially like coming across other Hawks to see how they try and cope with him - has given me a few things to add to the locker tbh in that match.


I am a B rank with about 7,300 something BP. I had 3500+ PP to boot with that then I started trolling online and playing geif =(((

I get more butthurt about my PP than I do my BP


Hey my fellow Hawks! Right now I’m a B rank T. Hawk player with 8218 BP. I’m on PSN if anyone wants to play some time. I could definitely use some good Hawks to play against as well as some good Blankas and Hondas. Can’t wait for arcade edition where Blanka will know longer be a big threat to Hawk. Btw out of curiosity are any of you guys coming to NY on the 8th to the Chinatown Arcade to play AE? If you are then I’ll see you there.