What real life martial artist/sports figure has the homages in fighting games?

after Bruce Lee, which martial artists/sports figure/real life person has served as the basis for the most fighting game chars?

Mike tyson then who?


thats a good one… i never really thought about it. it will be interesting to see what people say.

I would say you can see elements of Jackie Chan in Tekken’s Lei Wulong. There are many similarities, homages, even coming down to similarities between Lei and characters Jackie has played.

As far as who has the most homages? I dunno.

my friends thought (or heard an underground rumor) that Akuma was inspired by bolo yeung in bloodsport.

Eagle= freddie mercury in some jpn capcom interview i think.

Supposedly Dhalsim was inspired from some Chinese kung fu film. Can’t think of much else.

Ganryu is an homage to one of the greatest sumo wrestlers in Japan. I forget the dudes name, but yeah.

Law(Forest and Marshall) is an homage to Bruce Lee.

Must drunk guys are based off of Jacki Chan. Or so I thought.

Bison was based off of Hitler.

lee rekka = jet li’s character wong fei hong in once upon a time in china series

Feng Wei (Tekken) = Bolo Yeung

The Ryoko characters in World Heroes and Fighter’s History pay homage to real life Judo martial artist Ryoko Tani.

Tekken got a few

Lei= Jackie Chan
Law= Bruce Lee
Feng= Bolo Yeung
Ganryu= Some famous sumo wrestler
Raven= Wesley Snipes >.<


Master of the Flying Guillotine. They had an Indian guy who could extend his arms and strike with teh poke of death.

Tekken does this a lot

Christie = J lo

STeve = David Beckham

Dee Jay = Billy Blanks? (oh you too kind really, thanks.)

Hulk Hogan is represented on Zangief and Alex.

Bruce Irvin = Maurice Smith(I think)
Johnny Cage = Jean Claude Van Damme
Craig Marduk = Goldberg

They’re most probably based on Washizaki from Riki oh and Retsu Kaioh from Baki.

ricky oh was the dopest movie ever

Ryu and Sagat based off of true events of Yoshiji Soeno, kyokushin practitioner, and Reiba the dark lord of muay thai. Very cool story.