What REALLY makes Akuma Broke?


If you dizzy him, you can still get a meaty attack for free right? So you can combo him sometimes, but there will be a lot of situations where you can’t get to him fast enough. If you dizzy him with a fireball from across the screen, for example.


And, he wears fucking sandals… man those sandals must give him juggling properties…


You can’t even meaty him after a stun, it has absolutely no possitive effect. The only effect it has is preventing you from juggling him (if you had him in a combo before he was stunned)


yeah, sandals give that juggle+ one could think Ken with all that money could buy a pair of those


Necro thread rises again.

Kind of cool seeing an old ass post from geadom though. Didn’t know he was that OG.


Since when 7 years ago = OG? Pre-SF4, sure, but definitely not OG.


Fine. No OG like James Chen, but more OG than 09ers or whatever you want to call them. Either way, been around a long time.


Actually, i lurked since 2001 or something, opened an account (that i never used and forgot the pass), and opened a new one in 04 or something, lol. Im just more the reading type, and dont like to post that much.

On topic: Can Akuma also do the air tatsu unblockable that O.Ryu and O.Ken got, btw?




wow, as if his other tools werent enough to make him broken he also gets unblockable air tatsu + juggable after hitting with it LOL


Now you understand why he’s banned from competitive play, lol. Claw’s got nothing on Akuma.


I feel he does have a small chance: the MAO-like dives should work in terms of messing up reversals, but Akuma has invulnerable tatsus which can help him against meaty ones, if they happen to come out. And there’s the mini-Dhalsim gameplay of Claw’s when he stays grounded. Still, if one bothers to master him there’s just no way to pressure him effectively.

Akuma has always been a retarded character. Introducing him was probably ST’s major flaw: it has cursed the SF franchise forever with this scrub-magnet.


I meant that phrase as “Claw isn’t nearly as over-powering a character as Akuma.” Claw’s a pretty damn good character. Which means Akuma is beyond all hope when it comes to competitive balance.


Akuma borrowed money from old school and never paid him back. On top of that, akuma stole old schools gf. Lolsaltlolz.


Leave the past where it belongs!


It’s funny, because some random guy recently was asking in casuals about akuma. We knew everything we had but wewere choosing him to show the guy for shits and giggles. And as we were playing we realized we were missing so much broken stuff that we were rediscovering as we were playing. there’s too many bullshit strategies with akuma that are just way too strong. if one fails you have like 4 ways to regain your footing and try again, and if it still doesn’t work you have like 5 other brpken strategies you can try.


I’m just gonna leave these here.


First time I reached Akuma on an arcade cab was jokes. I did a Shinkuu, he ate one hit then teleported through the rest and fucked me up.


I say we introduce something like ST akuma in terms of balance into some of these newer games… Show them what something REALLY should be before even being considered for banning. Put things in perspective

I havent followed ST for about a year and other games for even longer. But then i heard about chris Gs morrigan and doom shit and the hate hes getting im thinking tey really have no reason to complain that much yet… And its also the kind of bullshit that ST thrives on.


People aren’t used to encountering extremely powerful characters or shells that actually take WORK to figure out how to overcome. This is nothing new to old-school gamers, since we didn’t have a patch to rely on to change the game. This is different with the SF4 and newer generations that are used to constantly seeing games change based on how loud scrubby 14-year-olds whine about it.