What REALLY makes Akuma Broke?


Why not make Akuma unbanned in next ST tournament?


Are you serious?




So, does anyone know why Akuma was banned in HSF2?


I believe that a group of people jumped the gun and banned Akuma prematurely. If people are worried about akuma’s dizzy properties in ST then here is the solution: If an akuma player dizzies opponent then he/she does nothing until opponent recovers. Akuma should be unbanned in all HSF2 AE events because there are stronger characters in that game.


I think most people don’t really care because HSF2 sucks…


Born2SPD, what about testing an unbanned Akuma in offline events…


Dude. The game’s been out for 20 years. Akuma has been tested in every environment and he’s broken in every single one. If you’re going to troll, at least put some more effort into it.


If you’re that desperate to win just play Claw.


Ive played Akuma on winkawaks, and Ken dizzies him in the second round. I have screenshots, but cant upload them to here.


Only to see him recover immediately as soon as he gets on his toes. The only effects of Akuma being dizzied are he taking less damage during a combo due to falling on his back (which can be a big advantage alone, if it was a combo into super or rekkas), and eventually being unable to soften a throw.


UltraDavid when doing commentary always says he cant be dizzied, I guess he should be more specific.


Well he just falls over, gets back up and has the stars for the split second then recovers immediately.


Yeah, like the CPU controlled Zangief on hardest level among other CPU controlled characters


Yeah that fucker reversal spd’d me when I tried to capitalize on his dizzy. Fuck the cpu in that game.


LOOOOL these videos is funny:


Ok, dumb question but why isn’t Akuma “broke” or banned in other games? Akuma has some BS in other games like Third Strike:


Not to mention V-Akuma in A3 for example


Akuma was never meant to be balanced in ST. He was literally a selectable boss character. No one complains about not being able to use Gill in 3s tourneys for the same reason.


First, Akuma playable and Akuma Boss even in ST are separate characters even then the playable version good enough to beat the cast easily.

Shit changes from game to game. Animations change which effect hitbox placements and frame data. New mechanics are made as well. Fireball speeds and trajectory get changed.

Also, Akuma isn’t the best character in A3 it’s Dhalsim.


It’s not even comparable. He was originally put in as a secret boss character never intended for serious play. It wasn’t until Alpha series where they actually toyed with the idea of making him a real character.

High priority normals, the best angle on an air fireball he’s ever received in any version of the game, high damage/stun combos, cannot be stunned, extremely fast and reliable teleport, and every single matchup in the game being at LEAST 7-3 in his favor.

He’s designed as broken, and functions as broken.