What REALLY makes Akuma Broke?


Akuma was never meant to be balanced in ST. He was literally a selectable boss character. No one complains about not being able to use Gill in 3s tourneys for the same reason.


First, Akuma playable and Akuma Boss even in ST are separate characters even then the playable version good enough to beat the cast easily.

Shit changes from game to game. Animations change which effect hitbox placements and frame data. New mechanics are made as well. Fireball speeds and trajectory get changed.

Also, Akuma isn’t the best character in A3 it’s Dhalsim.


It’s not even comparable. He was originally put in as a secret boss character never intended for serious play. It wasn’t until Alpha series where they actually toyed with the idea of making him a real character.

High priority normals, the best angle on an air fireball he’s ever received in any version of the game, high damage/stun combos, cannot be stunned, extremely fast and reliable teleport, and every single matchup in the game being at LEAST 7-3 in his favor.

He’s designed as broken, and functions as broken.


The dark hadou made him overpowered. SF finally got a series done right finally in film.


He’s nerfed fairly in 3rd strike. Slow normals, low stun gauge and possibly the lowest stun meter in the game, weak air fireballs, overall a slow character and sometimes predictable to counter. His juggles are insane though.

Akuma is not even top tier in the game. I played this extensively last decade and I’ve seen players like Kuroda turn this character into the ultra dark hadou killer OCVing the entire team at Super battle opera tournament years ago.


Not to mention his Q being Gill tier…


Don’t know if these videos have been posted or not. But these are 2 of many examples that show how Akuma is overrated. In other words, he should not be S Tier or God Tier or whatever. He is not that good:

Scrubquotes is back!

So Akuma should be unbanned because of scrubs who cannot reverse at all, miss several opportunities to land damage, don’t know how to do Akuma’s unblockables, seem not to be aware that Akuma’s tatsu is 100% invincible during start-up, spam tatsus for no reason, and reset the game when they lose.


Isn’t Jodim like the best Gief in the world? Not the best comparison to make your case. Any shoto worth their shit instantly levels up x100 if they get to legally to use Akuma.


Yeah but… why don’t we give it a try. We can use FightCade to run a test tournament and allow anyone to use Akuma


Yeah, or, we could not.

Seriously, what would it achieve apart from potentially making competitive ST a lot less fun?


It’s been 20 years. People aren’t wrong about Akuma. But sure, go ahead and run a tourney yourself and watch a hundred Akuma mirrors.


Wth resetting several times?.. Those videos are worse than visiting a funeral.


@Jion_Wansu proving he has no idea what he’s talking about.

Using lastscene losing as Akuma to say Akuma isn’t broken is akin to saying Ivan Ooze isn’t broken in MMPR because you gave the controller to a random retarded kid in a grocery store and he lost to somebody play Lip Syncer.


I’ll challenge anyone to use Akuma against me, and you will see that Akuma is not that special


I’m not a shoto user but I have played you… I don’t think that’s a challenge you should issue.


studtrooper, ready?


Could you pass the joint you’re smoking?


I wasn’t saying I would play akuma against you, only that a good shoto player who knows why ST Akuma is beyond broken would humble you. I’m not saying this to hurt feelings or whatever. I just don’t think you know the extent of how much better akuma is against the rest of the cast.


Gouki is essentially a CE Ryu/Ken with air Hadouken