What REALLY makes Akuma Broke?


damm, nigga is so broken he has CvS2 far invencible-tip RH PLUS an invencible st. forward and an ass broken fireball too…


Is that his HDR version? I thought HDR classic Akuma didn’t have a super meter?

If so, THAT’S Sirlin’s idea of a balanced Akuma? LOL.


That is the hdr version.
But here is ST



And Fireball start


One of the many HDR f’up includes giving shin akuma’s normals to playable akuma …
Ganelon talked about that sometime ago.
Shin akuma is the one that you played when you get all the perfects etc. He has double air fireballs


That standing far jab is pretty absurd. I did look for Akuma hitboxes in the wiki.


Still have to work on them… I finally got the time… but no motivation.


Been there. That’s why HDR Akuma didn’t get outlines on my site.


his st mk is insane, as if his dp wasnt broken enough


We’ve had time to learn how to fight against Akuma and fight as Akuma over 19 years. Let’s have Akuma unbanned


I just had a good set against akuma and and went 50/50


Why not make Akuma unbanned in next ST tournament?


Are you serious?




So, does anyone know why Akuma was banned in HSF2?


I believe that a group of people jumped the gun and banned Akuma prematurely. If people are worried about akuma’s dizzy properties in ST then here is the solution: If an akuma player dizzies opponent then he/she does nothing until opponent recovers. Akuma should be unbanned in all HSF2 AE events because there are stronger characters in that game.


I think most people don’t really care because HSF2 sucks…


Born2SPD, what about testing an unbanned Akuma in offline events…


Dude. The game’s been out for 20 years. Akuma has been tested in every environment and he’s broken in every single one. If you’re going to troll, at least put some more effort into it.


If you’re that desperate to win just play Claw.


Ive played Akuma on winkawaks, and Ken dizzies him in the second round. I have screenshots, but cant upload them to here.