What REALLY makes Akuma Broke?


Who’d be better? O.Gat, Sim? He’s considered a better zoner than O.Ryu, Ryu, DJ?


I thought it was confirmed O.Ken has the same walk speed as N.Ken? Also, j.HK trades frontal vulnerability for bottom vulnerability, which sometimes doesn’t work out well against characters with torpedo type moves (mostly Honda and Bison).




O.Gat has the absolute best zoning in the game. It’s often very risk free, and besides having a very low profile, fast startup, and fast recovery on the fireball, he has some good anti-air options as well especially from a distance.

Sim is a good zoner, but he’s definitely not played like O.Gat or Ken when it comes to the zoning game. His fireballs are only effective at a 3/4 or full screen range and relies more on his normals to anti-air at an extended range. Sim’s fireball is used more as a setup than just a tool to do pushback.

O.Ryu also has incredibly good zoning. His red fireball is a pretty solid advantage, but O.Ken just feels more effective because his slow fireball is extremely slow, his fast fireball is pretty fast, both have great recovery, and he has great anti-air options with his fierce uppercut being so fast and covering good range. Plus it’s much more difficult to safe jump O.Ken, and sometimes near impossible if they have really good reversal uppercut execution.


I’d say zoning tier is

  1. O.Sagat
  2. Dhalsim
  3. O.Ryu
  4. N.Ryu
  5. O.Ken

Ryu with bar would jump to rank 2, just below O.Sagat. No-one uses O.Dhalsim now that Shirts is MIA, so I haven’t included him. Then we have Guile, Dee Jay, Chun, N.Sagat, and I honestly do not know that order they would be ranked, since each have advantages and disadvantages in different areas.


I use Old Dhalsim…


Getting to Bison with no round losses and at least 3 perfects in the horrendously hard Western versions is already a fuckin’ hell of a victory.




Just found this USF2 clip. Same old ST Akuma. I’m guessing Akuma will be banned:


Everyone, once I get to Honda’s stage, you will see a tutorial on how to beat Akuma without using Akuma



How is V-Gouki not banned?

challenge-4035-1538891964.80@sfa3 chun-li_000 VS mado