What really matters... add this project to your event!

What Really Matters

Attention all tournament organizers. At EVO2K8, a project was devised where gamers can do more than just play to win. This does nothing for us and the greater gaming community at large. When society takes a look at what we’ve done for the community at large it isn’t much. In a time where even Mayor Mike Bloomberg of New York City goes beyond his job description to do what he can to make a real difference in the lives of the people of New York and also contribute ideals to give back to mother nature, (See: New York Post) Can members of greater gamer community go beyond the call of duty to make a real difference in society?

Gamers lending aid to the world has two specific positive results; (1.) First and foremost it shows that no matter how miniscule people believe gaming is it can be used for good to constructively help others in need. (2.) It shows that gamers are aware of the worlds issues and will do what it can to help, legitimizing the culture of gaming much like many other cultures in the world.

Food Drive and How you can help:

  1. Each event i.e. Tournaments, Conventions and special event should have a mandatory minimum of one can food goods along with entry fee to the venue or event.

  2. Each event organizer and or administration should collect all can goods and pack them up in card board boxes and store them in a safe location.

  3. Then each organizer and or administration should ?Google? their local City Food Bank; contact them and make preparations to deliver all can goods. Example (NYC Food Bank)

  4. Finally in a letter, inform your local Food Bank, Soup Kitchen and or local charity and for Financial Donations the American Red Cross of the community in which you represent and a list of all the gamers that contributed. NOTE: Please send a copy of the list to GivingBack@EmpireArcadia.com so it can be complied for a post article called ?The Gamers Thanksgiving? in November.

This simple plan is not exclusive to video game tournaments, events and conventions or anyone in the United States. Any gamer in the world whether professional or amateur, work in the video game industry such as Nintendo, Microsoft or Sony, can all get involved in this food drive. The mission is to gather 1 Million cans of food before Thanksgiving, so that we as people not just gamers can help to feed as many unfortunate people in the World as possible. Financial contributions are also accepted by the American Red Cross. This project is a humble approach for the gaming community to take responsibility and get involved in the world using our skill, time and dedication to contribute to the world in what really matters.

Full read: http://www.empirearcadia.com/community/com-138.htm

I urge everyone considering to do this to please do more research on the charities you donate to and not read blindly into TFGMs post.

The holiday season is about giving and sharing with those less fortunate, but all year round is a time for education and betterment of oneself through reading. There is a wealth of information at your fingertips, and I urge you all to use it properly.

As of 2006 the American Red Cross has over US$6 billion, and revenue from blood and blood products was at US$2 billion.

Please read articles such as this, which shows that the American Red Cross can not even adequately manage the nations blood supply, which if you follow the news at all, we always need and could always use more of. The FDA fines them yearly for not being able to handle blood and blood related fluids properly. If they can not manage something that is vital to existence, how do you think they will handle your money?

Please think of donating to a charity more in tune with the gaming community, one that everyone can agree on deserving proper fundage, such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation, or even Child’s Play. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has made it’s life goal one of keeping the Internet a place where voices can be heard, and helping keep our rights as “netizens” safe. Child’s Play needs no introduction, as the gift of games to children in hospitals is an important and serious undertaking.

Both charities are highly rated, and highly recommended for any gamer or individual interested in helping the next generation walk down not only the trails we blazed in the 90s, but make their own as they grow older.

Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people donate to the American Red Cross come Christmas, to clean their conscious of their wrongdoings - or so they think. Donating to a smaller, lesser known charity would be the true spirit of the holidays - and true to us as gamers, as individuals, and most importantly - those of us who know how to use wikipedia and do research before suggesting the American Red Cross.

If you would like more information about other charities that are smaller, or just more information in general about being able to give - my PM box is open.


I can’t read TFGM’s post because he was forcibly put on my ignore list years ago…but I kind of get the gist of this thread, and I fully agree and support it.

I saw TFGM go through a gauntlet of gaming (I think he might have played for 24 hours straight?) at Magfest this year, for charity. I hope he raised a shitload of money for charity, because that was an awesome thing to do. I think that in general, tournament organizers who run major events should look to possibly donate some of the money collected to smaller, independent charities like the ones mentioned. Child’s Play has gotten massive national media attention and is one of the best ideas and charities of the past decade.

This is especially pertinent now, because with Street Fighter 4, TvC, STHD, Blazeblue, and multiple other releases upcoming, tournaments in 2009 will undoubtedly be at record high attendance. FINALLY, we have a reason to get together and play again! So let’s use our passion to actually get something else positive out of the events as well. And hint hint chances are if your event is going to donate to charity, and you contact local media, you just might get some publicity out of the deal.

Even if the Red Cross sucks, the idea is sound.

Find some local charities, or local soup kitchens, i’m sure they’d always be ready to take in canned goods.

What the fuck is the electronic frontier foundation going to do with canned goods? Yeah, let’s help feed some geeks who can afford to spend most of their time defending internet rights, as opposed to people who can’t afford food.

And let’s give videogames to kids, when other kids are dying of starvation.

Fuck you Phae. Seriously.

Maybe you should keep charity donations to those who actually care about helping those less fortunate … its seems as though TFGM is trying to gain commercial attention for himself… especially since he wants a main list of all the gamers who donated so that they can be recognized where? oh in NY … but aren’t the gamers from difference cities, cities, & countries?

In regards to the donations … you dont have to be a part of a group … you can do it yourself … daily … weekly … monthly …

Wow…I said all of that. Truly disgusting. Sighs…:shake:

Look, I’m tired of my long winded posts and what not. This is not even my idea. In the article that I wrote about this, I credited the idea to James Paige, yet here are haters saying that I’m just looking for attention. I guess I’m doomed to an infamous reputation in this community. So be it. I’ll end on these two note.

No one is forced to send their charitable goods to the american red cross. I used the American Red Cross as an example to make financial donations. Since this is an “ALARMING” problem I’ll add Phae’s idea to the article by including “your favorite charities”. This way you have a choice. (Although it clearly states that you did to being with :rolleyes: )

Finally…it truly saddens me that you think that I’m trying to make a list for my own gain. The point of the list was to show how gamers around the Nation united under one constructive cause. Hence… this one point:

  1. Finally in a letter, inform your local Food Bank or the *American Red Cross (*Financial Donations only) of the community in which you represent and a list of all the gamers that contributed.

The food bank or your local charity would give them credit not me. The list would only be put together for an article on my site, which doesn’t even get 15% of the traffic that SRK gets. The news would only reach the small demographic that the site was developed for. But good shit…try to do something good, and people sit there and try to make you a bad guy out of it.

In a phrase to all haters…“Go to hell!”

:lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin: We may not :lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin: have gotten along:lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin: In the past :lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin: But at least you :lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin:see eye to eye on a good cause.:lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin: Thank you, you too DSP…even though you can’t see this.

oh…PS…Fuck you Phae

People only use the word ‘haters’ towards people when they just got caught in a lie…

Lists aren’t required … People don’t need to be recognized because they chose to a good deed and donate 4 canned goods …

Side Note: when you quote yourself … you should at least include your complete statement ie #4 was cut off

Okay, good you win, lets not turn the thread into something bad. I’m a evil guy going out of my way to use you guys to gain attention. Feel better? Good, now donate to charity and lets move on with our lives.

Thanks for turning someones attempt to get people to donate food to the needy into a “Hate on TFGM” thread. As he’s said, we haven’t got along in the past, but even I can see he’s trying to further a good cause.

I’m sure when some starving kid gets their can of food, they’re going to throw it away. “I got this food because TFGM wants his name on a list! Well, there’s no way i’m eating this shit now…!” Who gives a shit about the reasoning, just try and get it to work.

It’s going to be hard to implement this idea at the tourneys we have here (since most of the people who show up are now “walk-ins” rather than people who pre-register), but the thread has inspired me to figure out other ways to get a mass number of people to donate. :tup:

Also, if you’re worried about shady charities, just always donate food. It’s much harder for a can to get lost in the bureaucratic process than a few dollars.

this thread is win

tfgms made posts in the past that i went “what…the…fuck” to before, but no history nor beef nor anything else can really offset the good that can come of this.

so donate and shut the fuck up

Low class, Phae. Really, really, low class.

As much as I enjoy the last post, I don’t want it to be the end of this thread.

Let’s get our heads in the right place, and let’s use our ability to attract gamers to make some money for good purposes. let’s not lose sight of our goal: to help those in need.

Since I first came up with this idea the thought of random people disagreeing with it bothered me.

Phae: the charity in itself doesn’t matter what matters is that as a community we came together and helped some people out during these very times.

Triforce: way to stay level headed and think about the task at hand

DSP: Good shit glad to hear your down

Adam warlock: Whats good glad your down also

Ladies and Gentlemen: Lets not allow this post to turn into a who we hate on SRK post. Because if we work together we could mke a huge difference.


I hope that all tournament organizers will be able to contribute to this noble cause.

You already know I’m on board.

Big Eric is on board! Eric I’ll give you a call throughout the week. I couldn’t call you today because I was on the phone talking to Todd Rogers and Billy Mitchell. They love the idea and want to do some big time things with this charity. I’ll tell you about the details when I give you a call later this week.

James I have to talk with you tomorrow night. Give me a call around midnight tomorrow. If not I will call you, I got to tell you about some great developments. Also Fugee is on board so this is where the network can begin. This does not…and should not be a east coast thing. We need to connect with the west coast and talk to those guys about there events and how they can contribute to this. This is where “YOU” guys from SRK can help out not only with your can food donations but spreading the word.

Keep up the good work everyone. :tup:

Yeah yeah…James…you were right. Sighs. good shit.:pray:
PS: I’ll stay level headed because, Kat Williams is right. I need more haters anyway. Working on number 1,354,571.

Call me or PM me your number. Anytime after 12am. I may be in Ny soon.


I don’t see the problem with either TFGM’s post, or phae’s – one is telling you to do something good, and the other is informing of you of ways to take TFGM’s advice and put it to REALLY good use.

Quit your fucking flaming each other and let’s actually focus on what matters: this is a great idea, for reasons more than just ‘publicity’ for anything or anyone. This is a good way to make a difference and it’s kind of sad that everyone would immediately shoot it down as a publicity stunt when the message is so clear.

Me and my buds have been planning something like this for our local children’s hospital. We were going to advertise on SRK soon about it, but were pretty much wondering what the rest of the scene would say about it, knowing that some people would be like “what the hell kind of shit ass style tournament is this?”. We’d done this 2 years ago and raised 200 dollars from players and people walking by. Hopefully this year we could raise more, and we were also looking for support from other gamers from around the world. Big dream, but some people do donate.

Anyways, it’s not like this stuff hasn’t been done before, and it’s a great idea if you can find something to donate to. That’s all I have to say.