What Rekka to use and when?

Hi, I’ve been noticing in higher japanese Yang matches, that people use Rekkas in the following way…

Standard BnB
s.lp - s.lp - c.mk > HeavyRekka > HeavyRekka > LightRekka.

(Poke and OS) c.mk > LightRekka > HeavyRekka > LightRekka.

(Any Punish) HeavyRekka > HeavyRekka > LightRekka.

I know it’s obvious that the first hit should be light because it has the best recovery frames and keeps Yang’s pressure safe if blocked.

I know that the second HeavyRekka should be so because it can be FADC’d.

The last light rekka I’m not too sure if someone could spill the beans on this it would be good.

My other questions are, are there any uses for Medium Rekka, and is using Medium Rekka SUPER risky?. And anything else I should know about the rekkas?


You just about got it.

Last light rekka is because you sacrifice about 4 damage and you keep your opponent closer to you.

Medium rekka isn’t super risky. It just isn’t safe. Rekkas on block are:
LP: -2
MP: -4
HP: -6

EX is something silly like +1 or 0 on block. I think you can do up to two EX rekkas and stay safe. But, consult frame data for that.

I use medium Rekka for block strings (if that makes sense?) since people usually can’t punish it. Heavy Rekka on the other hand always gets punished so I only use it for punishes. Light Rekka I don’t really see a use for tbh, and same with EX Rekka (don’t see the point in wasting a meter on EX Rekka).

That’s the important part.

Some character can punish medium rekka with ease (any shoto with a 3f DP, for example). LP rekka is nearly always safe on block (-2), but not against grapplers.